May. 25th, 2015

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Hello LiveJournal! it's been a while! *waves sheepishly*

I haven't posted on here for ages and i'd really like to get back into it (Tumblr is a lonely place and also a ground for bullying) i was thinking i might do another more up to date "about me" type meme thing at some point and try maybe to post at least once a week!!

But that's not why i'm here, im here because of supergirl!!!! oh yes!! i am over excited about it! OVER EXCITED!! i'm like a child!!


I watched the first episode of Supergirl again (yes again) and I still love it!! I nearly wet myself when the 6 minute first look was released and I nearly wet myself again when I heard the first episode had been leaked.
As no one I know seems to be at all interested in it I’m writing down what I think, just to get it out!
So here’s what I thought!

- I love Kara
- I love the pushing up of her glasses when she lands on the roof!
- Love the super hearing
- Love the flying
- Love the heat vision (and the after effect)
- Love the funny red boots at the bank robbery
- Love the flying
- Love the cape
- Love it!
- Superman dropped his cousin off at the Danvers’ and never went back? Never checked on her?
- How did those poison darts get through her skin?
- How does the DEO know so much about Kara and her pod. And about Fort Ras (I don’t know how you spell that!)? How did they know about Kara being Alex’s sister?
- Hank is a bit of a dick
- Not feeling Winn
- Why only say ‘Superman’ once?
- How does the DEO analyse the axe the bad guy has?
- The whole “I’m not gay” bit…….. you know in the comics she kinda falls for a woman, kinda sorta, okay so she fell for a flying horse looking person Comet who is actually a woman who transforms into Comet! So y’know as a story that could be explored!
- Is it part of the tv universe or the movie universe? Because if it’s tv then superman has been flying around for 20 years and no one has mentioned it. If it’s the film universe then does that mean no cross overs! :( (although if it’s the tv universe they can cast their own supes!)

What I’d like to see in the series:

- Flashbacks to when she was younger with Helen Slater and Dean Cain (they need to be in it more!) learning about her powers
- More nervous Kara when she’s around Jimmy
- Can we have Kara be friends with some women? Not just her sister? Not just Winn? How about a geek from the Deo (kinda like Simmons in agents of shield)
- Can they explain how Kara and Winn know each other? Do they just work together? The “super friends” bit makes it sounds like they’ve known each other for a while
- Can we have Kara doing normal everyday superhero things like help with car crashes or cats up trees? Not just all the evil aliens?

so, that's it, now to decide whether to post this on tumblr.........


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