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Number 5 – Afterlaughs' brittana fanart

Now, you may or may not know that i don't like Tumblr much, but one of the things i do like about it is all the graphics/gifs/fanart that is on there and Afterlaughs stuff is one of my favourites. I did send her a message asking if it was okay to post these but i didn't get a reply (admittley i have no idea how to use tumblr) Hopefully she wont mind, there are links under each picture to the original post on tumblr.


Sourse: afterlaughs Tumblr

More art under the cut, some may be concidered NSFW )
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Number 4 - Alphonse Mucha

One of my favourite artists, i'm not good at putting my finger on why i like certain art, but I could look at his art for hours. I like the fact that his art is normally in a box of some sort with a beautiful soft picture inside. If i'd been around in the 1890's i'd have been ripping his posters off of walls to keep!! :)

But anyway, take a look....


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Number 3 - Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch came to my attention when he played Gambit in Wolverine. Gambit has always been one of my favourite x-men so i was interested in him. I thought he was great as Gambit, i know alot of people didn't but i had no complains! Then he was in John Carter of Mars which i thought was awesome, it reminded me of scifi/fantasy films from the 80's and the book is good too!

It doesn't hurt that he is the kind of guy i find attractive, beautiful eyes!

basically he is my newest boy!crush


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Number 2 - Morgana

Morgana (katie McGrath) is a beautiful woman, in real life too, and I like looking at her and I like looking at her when she is Morgana! From the beginning she was my favorite character and knowing that eventually she would go bad just made it even better and now that she IS Bad I absolutley love her!!


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My 100 things will include artists (comic book and otherwise), pretty people, birds, characters and other weird things! They are in no order at all!

Number 1 - Robins )
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I think i'm going to do this! I've seen it a couple of times on my flist today and like the idea, although i'm not sure yet what 100 i'm going to do!!

(also i haven't given up on my OTP worship meme, the rest is coming, but i've had visitors the past few days!)


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