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Your favourite character from media aimed at children:
I was going to go with someone from Despicable me, but have decided to go with Elsa from Frozen

A character you relate to:
I kind of relate to Gail Peck from Rookie Blue. I'm not that good with people.

A character you love but fandom hates:
There doesn't seem to be all that much love for Charlie From Revolution. Not as an individual anyway (she seems to have to be part of a pairing to be liked!!)

Your favourite character of color:
Joan Watson from Elementary is a great character (and could be a very good answer to the above question) she is a brilliant person in her own right and doesn't put up with any of sherlock's shit!! :D

Your favourite sci-fi character:
I do have a lot, but i'm going to have to go with Seven Of Nine from Voyager!! (I could also use her for the answer to the character you relate to question!)
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1. Your favorite child character: Agnes from despicable me

 photo despicqablemetumblr4.gif

2. Your favorite friendship between at least two women/girls (fictional or not): I always liked Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway relationship (not in a slashy way though)

3. Your favorite villain: The Lady Morgana

 photo tumblr_lss4j69EvQ1qfuy02o1_500.gif

4. Your favorite female character on a male-driven show(/book/movie/etc.):
Major Carter on Stargate SG1

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5. An awesome character or celebrity you just discovered recently: Faore in man of steel

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Your favourite non-human female character: well there are a few that come to mind but i think many of them are still considered human :( and i'm trying not to use the same person to answer more than one question, so i'm going with:
Jadzia Dax, a Trill! :D
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Your favourite woman over 50 (fictional or not): I was finding this tricky, then i was flicking through the telly and Sister Act is on so i'm picking Whoopi Goldberg! i 've always loved her, ii had a poster of her on my wall when i was a kid!!

 photo whoopigoldberg.jpg

Your favourite weird/different/oddball female character: It has to be Chiana from Farscape

 photo tumblr_lye311fqkG1qcaefeo1_400.gif

A female character that needs more screen time: I'm going with Lady Sif from the Thor movies! (i need a women of marvel film!)

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Your favourite female writer or director: Sarah Waters
I love both Fingersmith and Affinity
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