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Beiste’s Country Mix


This is a mixtape that Shannon put together during and after her bad marriage.

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It’s been about a week since Klaine, Finchel and Brittana broke up and emotions are still a little raw with some of them, but not all!
The episode begins with Brittany singing “Come Into My World” while getting ready for her day and getting to school.
As the day continues Finn, Blaine and Brittany are still thinking about their respective breakups, which brings them to sing “Hand on Your Heart” about/to their ex’s.
Elsewhere at McKinley Marley is still crushing on Jake and as she watches him around school sings “Give Me Just A Little More Time”
To try to get away from their heartache everyone decided to go to a club to have a good time, Kurt Rachel and Brody do the same in New York, which leads Rachel to sing “In Your Eyes” with Brody in mind. Back in a club in Lima Tina sings “Wow” while everyone else dances.
After seeing Brittany dancing and realising she made a terrible mistake breaking up with her, Santana sings “On A Night Like This” to her.
When things are a little more settled everyone sings “All The Lovers”

Come Into My World
Sung by Brittany

Hand on your heart
Sung by Finn, Blaine and Brittany

Give me just a little more time
Sung by Marley

In Your Eyes
Sung by Rachel

Sung by Tina

On A Night Like This
Sung by Santana

All The Lovers
Sung by Everyone

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I have been hired to put together New Directions' Nationals performance. I have picked 3 songs, who will suing them and what they will be wearing

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This is my Summer break fanmix for Dave Karofsky. It shows his move from vunerable and hurt to stong again.


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A Fanmix For [ profile] gleeverse. I've done this a little differently so hopefully it will count!!

hope you like it!!

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Challenge 39 at [ profile] gleeverse "I Will Go Down With This 'Ship" about non-canon couples!
Must include: 5 icons, 1 drabble, 1 mini fan-mix, 1 mini-picspam and a final item of your choosing! in my case, another drabble!

gleeverse #

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My Fanmix for challenge 22 over at [ profile] gleeverse. Suprisingly it's a Brittana mix!!
I gave up trying with the graphics!!

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I don’t normally make Fanmix’s, so this might be a bit haphazard!
Some of them have come out pretty bittersweet, but.... That’s me!

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Over at [ profile] merlin_land one of the challenges is to create a fanmix, so here is mine. i've never done a fanmix before so it probably isnt any good but points are points!!!

there is no download but there are links to the songs on youtube :D

A Morgana & Morgause Fanmix (you guessed that right!) GO TEAM MORGANA!! )


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