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my cynical look at heroes 209

this scene, however cool :

just reminded me of the watchman advert:

although GO ELLE!!!!

and how come daphne is now running in high heeled shoes? i thought she looked good in her trainers!

on a different kind of note, please men stop wearing skinny jeans! really they do absolutely nothing for you, NOTHING. you look stupid! especially with long shoes on, you look wrong, wrong, wrong!

terminator still rocks!
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the only highlight of course was Elle!

and maybe i'm looking at it wrongly now because i have been expecting too much from it since the end of season one, but the tramp with the 'iron' hand? well he seemed familiar...<a href= >hey look, echo issue 8!</a>

they had better not do anything to hero either, well they'll do someting to him as much as they will to sylar or peter, but still they had better not hurt him!!!!

but really though what was the point of that episode? everyone knew that father petrelli was alive. and why wasn't elle as crazy as she was when she was first introduced? *sigh*

heroes should take a page out of terminators book, now thats a good show!

that is all!


bored now.

Oct. 15th, 2008 09:07 pm
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heroes is boring me, im bored with sylar, im bored with ALL of the petrelli's, i'm bored with claire, i'm bored with caire's dad, im bored with suresh and his voice overs (shut the fuck up), i'm bored with the holes in the plot/writing, im bored with all the stuff which is basicly season 1 stuff and im really bored with the lack of decent female characters.

where is elle? where is monica? why has maya forgotten she had a twin? what was so wrong with nikk/jessica that they had to get rid of her and orphan poor old micah? why is tracey a bit of a loose women? what powers does sylar have now? were all his powers wiped in season 2? if they were where did he get the telekenesis to cut peoples heads off? if they weren't then why couldn't he use his super hearing to hear what noah was saying to vortex guy? how cool would it have been to have all three of the 'larter' triplets smack down on dr zimmerman or even better mrs petrelli? bring back the bad-arse stuff, remember when jessica beat the shit out of that man in the lift?! how come peter doesn't pick up the powers of people as he walks down the street? i mean not all people with powers are going to be trying to save or destroy the world, im sure most of them have day jobs. does anyone give a shit about suresh turning into a cockroach?

my random ideas: get rid of the regular cast and start off with new people and a new 'end of the world' scenario. or
turn all the goody's bad in the eyes of new people, so they basicly turn into the next generation of the company, so they think they are doing the right thing but to the newbies they aren't.

oh and heroes unmasked? stop saying how wonderful you all are, i dont give a shit any more, its fine for the first ep but how about going behind the scences and telling us how you do things, and we all know about green screen, the world and his bloody wife knows about green screen. show us how you do the time stopped stuff how stupid the actors feel doing it or how they do the super speed girl. and please get the fuck over yourself!! you are not the first people to do super heroes!!

here endeth the rant!

that is all!

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- so, i'm kinda cheesed off that they killed Nikki on heroes and think it's a bit of a cop out that coz they couldn't think of what to do with her character that they just kill her off! poor mickah :( how cool would it have been if they had the whole tracey story with nikki there too, then she could have/might have hulked out on that dr zimmerman when she or jessica figured out what he has done (i dont know what he's done, i don't read spoilers!!) I did think initially that tracey was nikki, like everyone else did, then i thought maybe she was jessica and maybe hadn't died when they thought she had, but now... how many more ali larters can there be out there??? oh and that bit in episode 1 where she came out and sat next to babylon 5 man, if that wasn't an audition for the part of the white queen/emma frost (no pun intended -with her power and all!) in any live action incarnation of the character then i don't know what is!??!?! :D

- the new facebook is shite!!

- i really hope the lovely Sally Hawkins hasn't had her teeth done, there is something different about her and i have a horrible feeling it's her teeth, her teeth were fine before now they look toooooo fine. i hope she hasn't done it coz if she has it will be for the america audience/film makers, coz here we dont care about your real teeth. fake/done teeth are stupid, no-one has teeth like that in real life!!!

- I kinda like the old intern guy on grey's anatomy season 4 (yes we are a season behind here :( ) he makes me giggle trying to speak like a teenager!!

- i dont recomend going to see the vagina monologues with your mum and a group of women whose youngest member, not including me, is 58!!!

- i spent faaarrrrr too long the other day looking at Found it is just things people have found, like notes lists photos. it's really interesting, working in a shop i used to occasionaly find peoples shopping lists and always had to read them!! i recently bought a really old book in a charity shop, so old it didn't have the year it was published written anywhere in it, and as i was flicking through it a family tree of the characters in the book fell out, it was written in ink, as in an ink pen not a biro, and was all twirly writing! it must have belonged to the original owner of the book!! i love that kind of thing! i put it back in the page i found it. If i find an old book in a charity shop i am more likely to buy it if it has a dedication or writing in the front of it, i bought one that had been awarded to someone when they were at school donkeys ago!!

- we didn't have a summer this year, not unless you count that week in may or whenever it was, but i dont think anyone does!! it is so freakin cold in my house!! jumpers, socks, long sleeves under jumpers, hats and gloves are next!!!!

- the job hunt continues.........

That is all.
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Oh man, heroes is so good, i didnt think it would be when i saw the first ep (that was leaked i think) but now i've seen ep 4 i'm totally hooked, okay so i was hooked at the end of ep 3 with the whole 'oh shi...' bit. now is it just me or is there something weird about the flying politics bloke? i think he's abit dodgy to be honest! he's the only one i dont really like... love claire the cheerleader, love hiro (especially at the end of the ep!! all ninja like :) coooooll.... and i like nikki too, 'if you ever threaten our son again...' oh man, so cool....
so veronica mars tomorrow, excellent (in mr burns voice)....

just in case anyone is bothering to read this i should say that i'm probably just gonna fill this journal with fangirling ( i love that word :) ) and dribble .... every now and then.... just so ya know....


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