Dec. 11th, 2013 10:27 pm
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Dracula - SPOILER


LUCY IS TURNED!!!!!!!!!! I'll just say that again: LUCY IS TURNED!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST AWESOME!!! (shame about the whole her and harker thing though..........)


also in the UK it looks like we'll get an episode tomorrow (12th) and one next week (19th) then we have to wait until the 9th January!! so i have to wait until the 16th of january 2014 to see Lucy/Katie Mcgrath as a vampire!!!!!!

y'know i didn't know i needed a vampire Katie McGrath in my life until now!!!!!

actually i just remembered i wrote a merlin AU where morgana and arthur are vampires, but you know ...... that isn't real and on my telly!! :D
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I haven't done a post in a while (except for my comic covers posts and womenverse stuff) i keep meaning to and then forget what i'm going to write!! but anyway!

> You know i really miss LiveJournal! I used to get more than a page of updates/posts on my flist a day, now i get maybe 2 or 3 posts! :( i miss having decent talks about shows or just mutual squee's!! you just don't seem to get that on tumblr! but you need to be on tumblr to get fandom stuff now! :( and on that note if anyone fancies adding/following me i'm majorrogue on tumblr too!! and if anyone's on there let me know and i'll follow you! :D

> anyone been watching Dracula? obviuosly i'm not watching it for dracula, but for Katie 'i-know-my-audience' McGrath!! she is again playing gay and of course i love it!!

poor Lucy is in love with Mina

 photo tumblr_mx3bb5NoT41qf1yseo1_500.gif  photo tumblr_mx3bb5NoT41qf1yseo2_500.gif

but what is this?
 photo tumblr_mxcve22XIB1rwm2e6o1_250.gif  photo tumblr_mxcve22XIB1rwm2e6o2_250.gif
can't wait for next episode when this happens! (i'm also taking a little bit of pleasure in the fact that america has to wait until the new year to see it! but that does also mean probabaly no download for it :( )

> a few weeks ago i found an unfinished-ish chapter for one of my fics that people on FF.net seem to like, so i thought i'd post it. and this happened:

pretty crazy, i thought!! but even with ALL of those views i got absolutely NO comments!! not one! :(

> Anyone watching Agents of Shield? it's a bit of a slow burner but i am enjoying it! so far my favourites are FitzSimmons!!

 photo tumblr_mwst43DNuC1r0tmv8o10_r1_250.gif

> so, yeah....... anyone still out there?

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so, i uploaded some videos of Katie McGrath on Sunday Brunch from 2012. i found the programme on my HDD drive thing. and i posted them on Tumblr and i have had hundreds of notes on it which is quite pleasing!! :D

it has surprised me that it has also been posted on a katie McGrath facebook page that i follow and has been posted here on LJ!! hehe! it's cheered me up a bit!!

anyway i'll post the video of Katie cooking here in case anyone is interesting!

although it doesnt work for peeps in the UK so if you want to see it let me know coz i uploaded it elsewhere for UKers!
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Welcome to my yearly 'Happy Birthday Me' post, which is basicly full of pretty pretty things!! :D


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I was thinking of making another morgana + Morgause picspam, and had started getting the caps, and then [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land put up the picspam challenge so i'm doing a picspma from season 3 episode 1

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BFI Merlin

Sep. 5th, 2010 04:21 pm
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Im now on my way home from the BFI Merlin screening!! And it was AWESOME!!

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