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I haven't posted on here since the beginning of November! oops! I don't know, i just havent really got that much to say! alot of the stuff i used to squee about and post about was fandom stuff and ,ost of those shows have finished and the fandom has mainly moved over to Tumblr (which, yes, i have been on alot! but i still don't like it very much! as 7of9 once said "everyones entitled to their own small opinion" and no-one allowed to say that they are wrong and/or stupid without getting attacked. It's far too much like being in school surrounded by bully windbags who like the sound of their own voices too much!! but hey, that's just my own small opinion!!)

- anyway, thanks to [ profile] endeni for wishing me a happy birthday. I was actually thinking about whether to post on here today or not as i usually do a "happy birthday to me" post with lots of pretty, but i don't really save pics like i used to! (thanks again tumblr) but her birthday wishes spurred me on!!

- things ive been watching: agent carter (awesome), gotham (a little behind but loving), crisis (not too sure yet, could get repetitive) Arrow (still catching up on season 2, but still like it) call the midwife (still one of my faves!) jane the virgin (a little behind but enjoying it) The Flash (really liking it, proper superhero stuff) Dollhouse (started watching it and only a few eps in so we'll see)

- this year i'm trying to read more, i love reading LOVE IT! but i don't do enough of it recently!!

- went on a diet about a month ago and it's going okay, cut out alot of sugar and i'm only weighing myself once a week so i don't get disheartened! (although i am having cake today, it is my birthday after all!!)

-right dinner's up so i'm off!! :D
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Thought i would make a post to say Hi to new people on my flist! HI!

i have been lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend!! woo hoo!! unfortunatly i'm back at work tomorrow, although i do actually love my job, so it's not all that bad. but i've had lots of thing i should have done and haven't really!!

- I have started watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, i left it a while so that i didn't get too psycho about it. but i'm glad i did, it is a great show!

- I have been looking up the guest list for London Film and Comic Con in July and it is GOOOODDDD! Dina Mayer (Dizzy in starship troopers, BARBARA GORDON in Birds of Prey and a Romulan in Star trek nemesis) Terri Farrel (Dax in DS9) Helen Slater (SUPERGIRL!) Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa in Defiance) and Summer Glau (river tam in firefly, Cameron in TSCC) are the main people i'm going for. i have to get a photo with dax so that i then have photo's with my faves. i'm thinking about getting comics signed by Helen Slater and Dina Mayer. No matter what, it will be awesome!! and i'm super excited

- I'm deciding whether to or not to go to star trek destination london, although i think i'm pretty much 85% sure i will go! i went to the first one and loved it!

and none of that has anything to do with anything, but there ya go!! :D lol!!


wierd Meme

Mar. 25th, 2012 04:12 pm
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This went down like a lead ballooon over at teachers lounge but thought i'd put it here if anyones interested!!

it could be a little wierd!!

Me and the guys where I work were bored so I told them about a TV show where a chef asked people about their lives through food and at the end of the show the celebrity was asked about their last meal, so I thought I’d do that here!! (was that extremely long winded? lol!!)

What food would you have at your last meal? : (self explanatory)
Which 3 dead people would you have at your last meal? : (example: Vlad the impaler! no family/friends/boyfriends/girlfriends etc.!)
Which 3 vampires/werewolves/scifi/supernatural people would you have at your last meal? : (I’ve put this in because one of the at work said he'd have Dracula there so that he could bring him back to life after his last meal!! :) )
what 3 pretty people would you have at your last meal? : (beacuase some people just need to be looked at before you die!!)
Which 3 living people would you have at your last meal?: (example: Stephen Hawking! no family/friends/boyfriends/girlfriends etc.!)
Why is this your last meal? : (example: zombies have taken over the world, although that might make the living question invalid!! lol! but hopefully you get the idea!! please no 'but I don’t want it to be my last meal' use your imagination!! :D )
Anything else you want to add to your last meal:

yes I get very bored at work!! LOL!!



Jan. 3rd, 2009 07:54 pm
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so the new doctor who........ he is pretty young and it's a shame that he is white as well, i only say that coz it would have been nice to see a non-white doctor in this day and age, but he is very young:
Matt Smith but the more i look at him.... he has very pretty eyes....... well we shall see how he is in a year, of course now we have to see who his companion will be.....

and randomly, there was a car crash outside just now, 2 cars, one wrapped around a lamp post, the other into a garden wall, so there are now 2 ambulances, a fire engine and a couple of police cars out there. if only the council would do something about the cross road to make it a bit safer, but i heard that someone has to die before they see it as dangerous, but cars speed down this hill...... i'm sure soon enough they will see it as dangerous

and this made me laugh over my breakfast, could you imagine: thor attacks!!

that is all

except how pretty is morgana?..... damn you, youtube.... :D



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