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So me saying I should be on here more didn't work did it?!?! Oh well!!

how is everyone? good i hope!

So....... what have i been up to? not too much really, working as usual, that's probably why i don't have much time to be on here, i used to have a lunch break for that kind of thing!

- Well, i am still super excited for Supergirl! i think it's going to be fantastic. i've seen pictures of her lifting up an ambulance and it made my fangirl heart squee! :D

- Have i posted about The 100 before? i can't remember! well i watched it all a few months ago and..... well it's a little crap, but also kinda cool, i don't know!! but god Octavia!! Octavia, Octavia! i can't get over you!! :D

octavia photo tumblr_nrev55bvIB1qcljxso1_250.gifoctavia photo tumblr_nrev55bvIB1qcljxso4_250.gif

- Anyone getting or got any of those mystery boxes that seem to be all the rage at the minute? well, i have relented and have been on a mystery box buying binge! lol!! although i shouldn't laugh really because they aren't that cheap (especially getting them sent to the UK) and i suspect a fair amount of the stuff in them is crap, but anyway! i got the last Loot Crate mainly because they kept advertising it with a pic of wonder woman so i hoped there would be a nice female centric item in there! well there was a wonder woman poster at least! and there was a very nice batman vinyl figure. I have also ordered one called nerd block/comic block as they do mainly comics in it and i do love me some comics! i ordered the Marvel Collector Corps one mainly because the box has lady Thor on it and i'm hoping (foolishly im sure) for a lady thor item! and i have just ordered the Comicconbox which in the next box is meant to have a variant of harley quinn's first appearance! so i'm looking forward to getting those and hopefully there wont be too much crap in them! :D

- I have been seeing a few bits online about a film called Jenny's wedding, it has Katherine Heigl and i've never minded her! But the first post i saw about it said something like "i always wanted a Katherine Heigl romcom but with lesbians and now i have it" and i think alot of people thought that's what the film was going to be and when i wasn't were really offended or upset, but i watched it and really quite liked it!! no it isn't a romcom it's a drama. It is more about how her coming out and wanting to get married like her brother and sister affects her and her family and i think it does that well!! and *spoiler alert* it has a happy ending!! :0 y'konw i would have liked more about jenny and her girlfriend kitty and it would have been nice for kitty to have said a bit more, but i still really liked it!!

- looks like Womenverse has closed which is a shame, but slightly inevitable due to the massive lack of any news! i really enjoyed it while it lasted. it's probably why im not on here as much too, as i don't have to come and posted stuff!

- The diet i started at the beginning of the year is still going strong! i have lost over a stone and i haven't been doing any extra excersiie, not yet anyway!

- anyone watch sense8? SOOOOO GOOD! :D

- I was going to write about my job and how at the minute i am finding working around only men quite exhasting and how when i have one bad day i am made to feel bad about it for a week and yet i NEVER get an apology when they have a bad day, but i don't really have the energy to get into it at the minute!!
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Hello LiveJournal! it's been a while! *waves sheepishly*

I haven't posted on here for ages and i'd really like to get back into it (Tumblr is a lonely place and also a ground for bullying) i was thinking i might do another more up to date "about me" type meme thing at some point and try maybe to post at least once a week!!

But that's not why i'm here, im here because of supergirl!!!! oh yes!! i am over excited about it! OVER EXCITED!! i'm like a child!!


I watched the first episode of Supergirl again (yes again) and I still love it!! I nearly wet myself when the 6 minute first look was released and I nearly wet myself again when I heard the first episode had been leaked.
As no one I know seems to be at all interested in it I’m writing down what I think, just to get it out!
So here’s what I thought!

- I love Kara
- I love the pushing up of her glasses when she lands on the roof!
- Love the super hearing
- Love the flying
- Love the heat vision (and the after effect)
- Love the funny red boots at the bank robbery
- Love the flying
- Love the cape
- Love it!
- Superman dropped his cousin off at the Danvers’ and never went back? Never checked on her?
- How did those poison darts get through her skin?
- How does the DEO know so much about Kara and her pod. And about Fort Ras (I don’t know how you spell that!)? How did they know about Kara being Alex’s sister?
- Hank is a bit of a dick
- Not feeling Winn
- Why only say ‘Superman’ once?
- How does the DEO analyse the axe the bad guy has?
- The whole “I’m not gay” bit…….. you know in the comics she kinda falls for a woman, kinda sorta, okay so she fell for a flying horse looking person Comet who is actually a woman who transforms into Comet! So y’know as a story that could be explored!
- Is it part of the tv universe or the movie universe? Because if it’s tv then superman has been flying around for 20 years and no one has mentioned it. If it’s the film universe then does that mean no cross overs! :( (although if it’s the tv universe they can cast their own supes!)

What I’d like to see in the series:

- Flashbacks to when she was younger with Helen Slater and Dean Cain (they need to be in it more!) learning about her powers
- More nervous Kara when she’s around Jimmy
- Can we have Kara be friends with some women? Not just her sister? Not just Winn? How about a geek from the Deo (kinda like Simmons in agents of shield)
- Can they explain how Kara and Winn know each other? Do they just work together? The “super friends” bit makes it sounds like they’ve known each other for a while
- Can we have Kara doing normal everyday superhero things like help with car crashes or cats up trees? Not just all the evil aliens?

so, that's it, now to decide whether to post this on tumblr.........
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Challenge 7 at [ profile] womenverse is "Non-Human" and i have made icons and sigtags! :D

Non-Human Icons

wv nonhuman banner 7 wv nonhuman banner 5

wv nonhuman banner 4 wv nonhuman banner 3

wv nonhuman banner 2 wv non human banner 6

wv non human banner 1

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This post is a bit random, but i'm doing it to go along with a fic i've written. It's just really to show what Supergirl and Renee Montoya as The Question look like for people who aren't aware or into comics. At the same time i'm spamming pics of them and Heather Morris because i think she would be an awesome pick to play supergirl!!

Renee Montoya as The Question
In my Super Series fics i use some of Renee's story as Santana's, the main part being her getting outed at her job as a police officer by people she worked with.

below is Renee as The Question:
Take a look...... )


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