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So me saying I should be on here more didn't work did it?!?! Oh well!!

how is everyone? good i hope!

So....... what have i been up to? not too much really, working as usual, that's probably why i don't have much time to be on here, i used to have a lunch break for that kind of thing!

- Well, i am still super excited for Supergirl! i think it's going to be fantastic. i've seen pictures of her lifting up an ambulance and it made my fangirl heart squee! :D

- Have i posted about The 100 before? i can't remember! well i watched it all a few months ago and..... well it's a little crap, but also kinda cool, i don't know!! but god Octavia!! Octavia, Octavia! i can't get over you!! :D

octavia photo tumblr_nrev55bvIB1qcljxso1_250.gifoctavia photo tumblr_nrev55bvIB1qcljxso4_250.gif

- Anyone getting or got any of those mystery boxes that seem to be all the rage at the minute? well, i have relented and have been on a mystery box buying binge! lol!! although i shouldn't laugh really because they aren't that cheap (especially getting them sent to the UK) and i suspect a fair amount of the stuff in them is crap, but anyway! i got the last Loot Crate mainly because they kept advertising it with a pic of wonder woman so i hoped there would be a nice female centric item in there! well there was a wonder woman poster at least! and there was a very nice batman vinyl figure. I have also ordered one called nerd block/comic block as they do mainly comics in it and i do love me some comics! i ordered the Marvel Collector Corps one mainly because the box has lady Thor on it and i'm hoping (foolishly im sure) for a lady thor item! and i have just ordered the Comicconbox which in the next box is meant to have a variant of harley quinn's first appearance! so i'm looking forward to getting those and hopefully there wont be too much crap in them! :D

- I have been seeing a few bits online about a film called Jenny's wedding, it has Katherine Heigl and i've never minded her! But the first post i saw about it said something like "i always wanted a Katherine Heigl romcom but with lesbians and now i have it" and i think alot of people thought that's what the film was going to be and when i wasn't were really offended or upset, but i watched it and really quite liked it!! no it isn't a romcom it's a drama. It is more about how her coming out and wanting to get married like her brother and sister affects her and her family and i think it does that well!! and *spoiler alert* it has a happy ending!! :0 y'konw i would have liked more about jenny and her girlfriend kitty and it would have been nice for kitty to have said a bit more, but i still really liked it!!

- looks like Womenverse has closed which is a shame, but slightly inevitable due to the massive lack of any news! i really enjoyed it while it lasted. it's probably why im not on here as much too, as i don't have to come and posted stuff!

- The diet i started at the beginning of the year is still going strong! i have lost over a stone and i haven't been doing any extra excersiie, not yet anyway!

- anyone watch sense8? SOOOOO GOOD! :D

- I was going to write about my job and how at the minute i am finding working around only men quite exhasting and how when i have one bad day i am made to feel bad about it for a week and yet i NEVER get an apology when they have a bad day, but i don't really have the energy to get into it at the minute!!
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so it seems that most of the media (online at least i suppose) are telling me that i shouldn't like Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball:

but i like it! and the video doesn't bother me, i like it too!! *shrug* just thought i'd put that out there! am i the only one?


Sep. 18th, 2013 10:06 pm
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- I was just wondering if anyone looked at the video i made a few weeks ago for womenverse? i put a lot of effort in and no-one commented on it!! i know it's a bit... arrogant/desperate? to ask but was it bad? i'm quite proud of myself for making it and thought it was pretty good!, but when no one lets you know...... :(

- as LiveJournal is still pretty dead and there is pretty much no fandom stuff in my flist, i've been on the dreaded Tumblr (which i'm pretty should could be used easily to indoctrinate people!) and it has given my a new character and ship to sail!! (and a new show to watch!)

Gail Peck from Rookie Blue:

peck photo tumblr_msos4g9YRK1stpcodo1_500.jpg

peck photo tumblr_mt61zfaJ4J1s4dpgwo3_500.jpg

peck photo tumblr_msptip8wmN1qb658io3_250.gifpeck photo tumblr_msptip8wmN1qb658io2_250.gif

she is mean and angry and freaking awesome!!

also Missy Peregrym is in it who i loved in the film Stick It! and i think she was in season 2 of Heroes

 photo tumblr_mn3u76UQgb1sq9k6do1_500.gif

and to have both of these women in uniforms is freaking awesome too!!! :D
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so, i uploaded some videos of Katie McGrath on Sunday Brunch from 2012. i found the programme on my HDD drive thing. and i posted them on Tumblr and i have had hundreds of notes on it which is quite pleasing!! :D

it has surprised me that it has also been posted on a katie McGrath facebook page that i follow and has been posted here on LJ!! hehe! it's cheered me up a bit!!

anyway i'll post the video of Katie cooking here in case anyone is interesting!

although it doesnt work for peeps in the UK so if you want to see it let me know coz i uploaded it elsewhere for UKers!
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++ in a couple of weeks i'm going to LFCC and i'm rather excited by the fact that Catrin Stewart aka Jenny flint is going on sunday (when im going! :D)

 photo tumblr_mnaz1e5KAn1rqseaco1_400.gif

also Lena Headey is going so i have to decide whether to get something specific to sign or just get a photo done, i'm also hoping to get Amanda tapping's autograph and a photo maybe! very exciting!! :D oh and Adrienne Barbeau who is the voice of catwoman in the batman animated series!!!! and she's in carnivale which i loved! :D

++ I'm sitting watching the voice and desperately hoping Andrea wins, i think she has a fantastic voice!!


Feb. 15th, 2013 05:36 pm
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great advert!

just thought i'd leave this here!

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Challenge 14 at [ profile] gleeverse is to make a fanvid, so here is mine!!

This is the first video i've ever made and i'm actually pretty pleased with it!! :D

It's Brittana....Bitch! )
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A Fanmix For [ profile] gleeverse. I've done this a little differently so hopefully it will count!!

hope you like it!!

Read more )
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I don’t normally make Fanmix’s, so this might be a bit haphazard!
Some of them have come out pretty bittersweet, but.... That’s me!

If Music be the Food Of Love.... )
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i forgot to do this for picspammy, but as i'm bored at work and can actually get onto livejournal, i thought i just do it anyway! :D

C'mon, lets bounce! )
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over at [ profile] picspammy they're new challenge is 'short form' so here's one of perhaps many picspams!

Honda's Impossible Dream advert

This Is My Quest )

Skins vid

Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:32 pm
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It has taken me ages to figure out how to do this, but at last i have, so here's some of the skins cast at the NME awards:

i should apologise for the 'editing' of this too, it was done on my dvd recorder thing so unfortunately peaches geldof *washes mouth out for mentioning her name* can be seen!!

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i am now employed!! (well i was employed last week) YAY and i've told the DWP where to stick it.....okay so i didn't actually say that, because i wouldn't actually say boo to a goose in real life, but in my head i was extremely rude to them!!! hahaha!! but unfortunately being employed means i need new work clothes and i spent about 4 hours looking for clothes today. aarrggghh!!! clothes shopping to me is like torture, i normally buy like 2 or 3 of the same thing if i like it so that i don't have to go shopping again for a year or so...... i'm hoping that i have to wear a uniform of some sort, then i don't have to worry about dressing!!! hahaha! fingers crossed......

- i really need to watch the last ep of being human, also i have to watch the last skins ( i'll probably do that tonight) i still haven't watched last weeks dollhouse...thats probably not a good sign is it?!!? i also also, need to watch an ep of merlin, i need a bit of a fix!!

- my current guilty pleasure is, i'm sorry to say, tylor swift's song 'love story', i keep waking up with it in my head!! and while looking on youtube for it i found it with my other obsession: skins!! yay!

- and skins ep 9:katie and emily is now my equal favorite episode with naomi's. i hope next season they give katie more to do though....

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damn it, i read the synopsis for ep 9 'katie and emily' and maybe jj and emily do sleep together!! i can't work it out!!! if she does though it could be to test the theory that she's gay. i mean i can't believe that she does especially after the new clip from ep 7, with her saying to JJ she's getting councelling to be more honest with people coz she 'wants to have sex with girls'!!?? GGRRRR!! it's so confusing and annoying, but if there is to be a big bombshell about emily and JJ what else can it be?? and what the hell will katie do to emily in their ep???
fuck, i need to find something else to concerntrate my brain on.................but they can't, can they..............but maybe they do.............but they CAN'T!!.......

well i'll/we'll (although i think i'm the only one on this rollercoaster!!) see tomorrow night!! that is if i can stay up till 12:30am tomorrow! i'm so knackered, maybe i'll go to bed now to prepare for tomorrow.............

p.s i think this is my 100th post!! and i've probably only had about 6 comments from people!!??!! who am i writing this all for?? very good question...... maybe i should print it all off, stick it in a book and call it a diary..........doop doop dooop

and just because it makes me happy and smile, THE BEST ADVERT ON TV!! oh yes :)


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that time of the year is coming round again, when famous people make fools of themselves for our entertainment and of course charity!!

on saturday Let's Dance for Comic Relief was on and i have never laughed so hard over a burger in my life ( the burger was my dinner, not what's in the clip!!)

Flash Dance like you have never seen it before!!:

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sooo, Freddies episode! kinda boring, and if my freinds treated me like cook treats him i would stop hanging around him and if effy was like that with me i'd try to forget about her, you only treat me like shit a couple of times before i think enough is enough.

and as for the clips of next weeks Noami episode and the coming soon clip, here are my thoughts/uneducated predictions/ramble:


- as much as i don't want it to happen i think something will happen between naomi and cook, even with that bit where she says 'this is wrong', but i think they do it because of a bet about the student president thing. and then of course emily will be crushed by it :(

- i like how JJ shouts at cook, but i still can't quite fathom why JJ hangs around with cook!

- even though they probably have some bumps in the road, i do hope emily and noami get a happy ending, coz i think they go well together :)

- i wonder who will play the twins' mum and/or dad (if ronnie ancona is naomi's mum)

- i love how Emily stares/looks at naomi, like she really loves her, i think Kat prescott does a great job.

- I HATE cook, and effy is slowly getting further down my list of faves!

here's a clip of ronnie ancona and jon culshaw, it's pretty funny :)

EDITO: ronnie ancona isn't naomi's mum she's played by Olivia colman! sooo who is ronnie? maybe she's a teacher or something, i'm not sure she would be the twins' mum with what she says in the clip, but who knows........

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FUCKING YOUTUBE!! AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! i can't watch a single skins video on there! and i live in england where the fucking show is on!! why are you stoppping me watch videos channel 4 fucking bastards! i can't even watch adverts for the next ep!! and it's making me fume!! fucking ridiculous

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strange things happen at train stations....

this is an awesome advert, you hear about flash mobs doing stuff like this, i would love to see one....... and my heart beats a little bit faster with spontanious(-ish) synchronised dancing, i think thats why i love musicals so much!!!..........

that is all!

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y'know, not working and having to worry about work related shit, has made my brain give me some really cool dreams!! and also my sub-concious brain is finally going gay, and it's about frickin time! now if only i could stop dreaming about the house i moved out of 10 years ago!! but anyway last night i had a star studded dream featuring olivia wilde, zoe tapper, kevin costner!, john hurt! and hugh jackman!! but it aslo involved me geting on the wrong bus with an open packet of butter??!!! and being some kind of underwater moster/siren, who could breath and see perfectly underwater??!!! oh and there was also an apperance from that flying dog thing from 'the neverending story'!!?? i have no clue what alot of it was about but i was very nice!!

oohhh look new pretty icon>>>> :D

this christmas on more4 ( a channel 4 channel!) they are having a sir ian mckellen/shakespeare season thing. They are showing him in King lear, othello, richard III and Macbeth with Dame judy dench in too!!! i am so excited about it too!! they are one of the best things on telly this christmas, well them and all the wallace and gromit and of course i suppose Dr who (although i dont really want whats-his-name morrissy to be the new doctor, i want either Paterson joseph or Chiwetel Ejiofor (OBE!! he got it the other day, it was in thae paper!) but i doubt it will be them :( or of course it could be ...... a woman!!!! oh and i nearly forgot, ITV are actually going to show affinity a long blood last!! it only took like a year!! now, do i risk trying to tape it just in case the DVD is different???!!! (if they actually do the DVD, you never know!!)

and speaking of Wallace and gromit, the BBC has them doing the ident things this christmas!


and my favorite advert this christmas (although it's been on for the last 2 or 3 years) is charlize theron stripping!!!

after seeing this the other day, the thought popped into my head that she would be a good wonder women!! although i can't remember if she looks good with dark hair.

also im not sure if the new terminator film looks good or not. for 1 McG??!!!! and for 2 whats with the transformers??

that is all!!...



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