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Note: I am not the quickest writer in the world so sometimes there will be a gap between fics, sorry

My page


If You Go Down To The Woods - Morgana, Gwen and a special guest! - Gwen goes for a walk
Kick-Ass - Morgana/Gwen - Don't mess with her girl! Vampire AU
Marriage - Morgana/Gwen, Mordred - Arthur and Guinevere are to be married and Morgana doesn't know what to do
Morgana Fanfic 3 - Morgana/Gwen-ish - Morgana can't take any more!!
Family - Morgana, Nimeuh, Athur/Gwen - Morgana is plagued by dreams that may or may not be true
A Walk To Remember - Morgana, Gwen, Merlin - Morgana feels like a walk
Show And Not Tell - Merlin, Arthur, Nimueh - Arthur find out about Merlin with help from Nimueh
My Love - Lady vivian
Untitled drabble - King Cenred


You Are The One - Brittany/Santana - Ballad home work
Comfort - Brittany/Santana - Santana shows up unexpectidly at Brittany's
In Defence Brittany /Santana - Santana defends Brittany even when they aren't talking
That's Not Bingo! Brittany/Santana - Brittany gets confused with game names. (The fic is half way down the post!)
Taste The Rainbow - 7 drabbles featuring: Artie, Brittany, Santana, Mrs pierce and Mrs Lopez - Based on 7 colours
Avatar and Pool Heroes Sam/Brittany - 2 short fics, Sam and Brittany watch films (top of the page) and play by the pool (bottom of the page)
The Wish - Brittany/Santana (+ bb!brittany/bb!santana) - 4 Drabbles - Many wishes for many reasons
That's Gross/That's cool - Brittany, Rachel, Puck, Santana - Rachel admires Brittany’s new scarf
Gleeverse Prompt fills - 9 pieces of fic ranging from 6 words to 300+, Prompt words: Years, Spinning, Star, Never, Spring, Reality, Silence Diamond, Air - Brittany/Santana and Brittany/Sam friendship
I'll Do Graffiti If You Sing To Me - Brittany/Santana - What do you do on a lovely summer's day? Get on your motorbike with your girlfriend and get involved in some criminal behaviour, of course!
After Slushie and Dodgeball!Quinn - Brittany/Santana and Quinn - Two small drabbles taking place after Santana gets slushied and when Quinn's playing dodgeball
Waiting - Dave Karofsky - A drabble from the prompt Waiting and Dave Karofsky
A gift - Brittany/Santana - Santana has a gift for Brittany - this is a fanmix/fic type thing!
(So far untitled) - Brittany/Santana - Santana and Brittany have a problem with a hotdog!
The Robot Mechanic - Brittany works at Hummel’s Repairs and they have a new customer

Medieval Series
Royals and Destiny Brittany/Santana - Medieval AU - When a young villager meets a young princess everything changes
The Villager and Destiny Brittany/Santana - Medieval AU - When a young princess meets a young villager everything changes.
The Princess, The Villager and Destiny Brittany/Santana - Medieval AU - The young Princess and the Villager get to know each other better
Distance and Destiny - The King speaks with Brittany and Santana is at war
War and Destiny - Santana is still at war accompanied by Sam and she has a lunch appointment to keep
Family and Destiny -

The Genie series
Brittany gets Santana pregnant, but not how you think!!
Stored-up Wishes - Brittany/Santana - There are some things that should just happen, no matter what. Now Brittany has someone who can help her get these things. (Crack!fic!?)
Stored-up Wishes - Part Two - Brittany/Santana - Brittany explains to santana what she wished for. Santana is NOT ammused.
Stored-up Wishes - Part 3 - Brittany/Santana - Santana tries to deal with having Brittany’s baby
Stored-up Wishes - Part 4 - Brittany/Santana - As Santana’s pregnancy progresses her and Brittany decide on her third wish
Stored-up Wishes - Part 5 - Brittany/Santana - Brittany and Santana go shopping and try to prevent Santana getting stretch marks!
Stored-up Wishes - Part 6 - Santana's waters have broken!
Stored-up Wishes - Future - Brittany/Santana - They are planning a day out.

Super Series - Glee
Santana is The Question and Brittany is Supergirl
My Super Girlfriend -Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 1 - Santana spends the evening follows clues to a not so mysterious culprit
She's Still My Super girlfriend - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 2 - Santana's investigation gets interupted
A Night In The Life - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 3 - Brittany wants to work with Santana for the night
A Night In The Life - Part 2 - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 4 - Will Big S be defeated? Will The Question last the night? Read on to find out!!
The Bell Of The Ball - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 5 Brittany want a night out at the Ball!
A super night out? - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 6 - Brittany and Santana spend the evening together, but the evening doesn’t go quite as planned
Super Meetings - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 7 - “You remember when we first met?”
Super Christmas - Brittany/Santana - Super Episode 8 - Santana and Brittany go to buy a Christmas tree

For The Archive
A Scifi/Fantasy AU- Her Life changes when a stranger arrives. And on the strangers world the archive needs an account of their meeting.
File One
File Two
File Three
File Four

Bomb Girls
Betty at Eight - Baseball - Betty and the McRae family - A baseball game
Betty at Eight - Church - Betty and the family go to church, but not everyone stays in there!

Practice - Charlie and Nora practice

Rookie Blue
Split Second Decision - Gail Peck and Holly Stewart - Based on the Bathroom/Shower scene from season 5 promo's
Dinner Date - What might have happened at Gail and Holly's dinner date (after episode 510)
Dinner Date part 2 - A follow up to part 1, the evening was about talking after all!

Glee/Pretty Little Liar Crossover -
Got A Secret, Can You Keep It - Brittany/Santana, Emily/Maya - Emily’s cousin comes for a visit with her friend.

fic update/status post



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