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So skins season 4 started again this week!! yay!

Episode 1 - Thomas
gotta say, kinda depressing. I really liked Thomas in season 3, but now he's just kinda turned into yet another character who sleeps around!! :( boooo!

any way here's my Naomily-centric picspam:

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Skins vid

Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:32 pm
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It has taken me ages to figure out how to do this, but at last i have, so here's some of the skins cast at the NME awards:

i should apologise for the 'editing' of this too, it was done on my dvd recorder thing so unfortunately peaches geldof *washes mouth out for mentioning her name* can be seen!!

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i am now employed!! (well i was employed last week) YAY and i've told the DWP where to stick it.....okay so i didn't actually say that, because i wouldn't actually say boo to a goose in real life, but in my head i was extremely rude to them!!! hahaha!! but unfortunately being employed means i need new work clothes and i spent about 4 hours looking for clothes today. aarrggghh!!! clothes shopping to me is like torture, i normally buy like 2 or 3 of the same thing if i like it so that i don't have to go shopping again for a year or so...... i'm hoping that i have to wear a uniform of some sort, then i don't have to worry about dressing!!! hahaha! fingers crossed......

- i really need to watch the last ep of being human, also i have to watch the last skins ( i'll probably do that tonight) i still haven't watched last weeks dollhouse...thats probably not a good sign is it?!!? i also also, need to watch an ep of merlin, i need a bit of a fix!!

- my current guilty pleasure is, i'm sorry to say, tylor swift's song 'love story', i keep waking up with it in my head!! and while looking on youtube for it i found it with my other obsession: skins!! yay!

- and skins ep 9:katie and emily is now my equal favorite episode with naomi's. i hope next season they give katie more to do though....

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– so they did sleep together, Emily and JJ that is, but it wasn’t shown so i can imagine either it didn’t happen or that Emily hated it and it showed!!
- I really liked the bit with jj and Emily at the beginning at the ‘psycho’ centre, ‘i like tits and fanny, y’know’ hilarious
- Effy is a bitch and so is cooke
- I found it a bit strange that Emily would leave the woods without finding Katie, i wouldn’t do that with my brother and we aren’t twins either!! And also if someone i knew hit my bro with a rock and left him all night in the woods i would say more than ‘he could have died’ i’d probably have decked effy!!!
- Hehehe 'wriggling' in the tent huh girls??
- Okay so in ep 9, i reckon Katie won’t leave the house for her exam, so Emily pretends to be her and takes the test, then Naomi snogs her against the locker (I love the fact that it looks like Naomi knows that it’s Emily and not Katie, and that’s why she has that little cheeky grin, of course I’ve only seen that tiny clip so i have no idea if Naomi and Emily have talked and that’s why she knows it’s not Katie), they go back to naomi’s then you have the clip where they seem to be nakey in bed (with smudged lippy, too!!) and Naomi says no to going to the ball ‘like they are together’ and Emily leaves and then you get the clip with Emily at the bus stop with lovely Thomas, then you get the clip with Katie and Emily. That what i think from the clips i’ve seen. But i do wonder what goes down so that Katie attacks Naomi at the ball, also i’m expecting Katie to redeem herself a bit especially after in interviews they say that you see she is nice really and cares for Emily. Maybe she’s just ‘homophobic’ because she doesn’t want Emily to have to put up with loads of shit at college and stuff??!!!
- RONNIE ANCONNA IS THE TWINS’ MUM!!!!! I don’t know why this excites me so much!!!! I wonder if they’ll have a dad? Coz i think only 2 of them seem to have dad’s (Freddie and effy but effy’s kinda left)

– don’t like topher at all, he just seems really slimy, especially after he has wiped their brains, he’s just slimy. I hope it gets a bit more action packed or just more interesting, otherwise i may give up.

– i looked up the ages of the cast of Merlin, which I don’t normally do because normally it’s 25 year olds playing 16 and that screws with my head once i know that, but all the people in Merlin are in their 20’s and I’ve always thought that the characters weren’t teens (it’s never been said either way has it?) so I’m glad that my crush on Katie McGrath isn’t pervy  well, too pervy anyway!!

– i kinda like Lydia, she seems nice and a cool character. There is a behind the scenes video on C4 website where her and Sarah are doing the tango!! Looks like someone’s been watching ‘Frida’!! hehe that’ll be cool though, that Sarah would rather dance with Lydia than Archie, but then Archie is a bit of a moron.

i'm just watching french and saunders (and joanna lumley) doing mama mia! for comic relief who would have thought jenifer saunders would make such a great meryl streep??!! you have to watch it when it's on youtube!! tooooooo funny :)

And you know you’ve been on the internet and watching too much tv when all the music you hear on the radio reminds you of tv shows and girls making out on tv!!!!
Kids by MGMT – skins Emily/Naomi
On a day like this by Elbow – hollyoaks Sarah/Zoë
The fear by Lilly Allen – skins Emily/Naomi
use somebody by kings of leon -
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damn it, i read the synopsis for ep 9 'katie and emily' and maybe jj and emily do sleep together!! i can't work it out!!! if she does though it could be to test the theory that she's gay. i mean i can't believe that she does especially after the new clip from ep 7, with her saying to JJ she's getting councelling to be more honest with people coz she 'wants to have sex with girls'!!?? GGRRRR!! it's so confusing and annoying, but if there is to be a big bombshell about emily and JJ what else can it be?? and what the hell will katie do to emily in their ep???
fuck, i need to find something else to concerntrate my brain on.................but they can't, can they..............but maybe they do.............but they CAN'T!!.......

well i'll/we'll (although i think i'm the only one on this rollercoaster!!) see tomorrow night!! that is if i can stay up till 12:30am tomorrow! i'm so knackered, maybe i'll go to bed now to prepare for tomorrow.............

p.s i think this is my 100th post!! and i've probably only had about 6 comments from people!!??!! who am i writing this all for?? very good question...... maybe i should print it all off, stick it in a book and call it a diary..........doop doop dooop

and just because it makes me happy and smile, THE BEST ADVERT ON TV!! oh yes :)


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okay i reckon JJ looses his cherry to Effy! yep i said it, i don't think it will be emily, i can't see a reason she would sleep with him. and i think that the troubled times ahead for emily and naomi are to do with katie finding out about them, and naomi not wanting to admit how she feels and not wanting the world knowing about it and that kiss that's in the 'coming soon' thing is when she finally doesn't care about anyone elses opinion, maybe in the twins' episode.

i haven't at the minute read any spoilers about this coz they tend to hurt my brain, and i'm mainly typing all these speculations so that i can remember what i thought would happen before i start reading what others think and my thoughts getting polluted by that!! if that makes sense!!. i mean i know it's skins and nothing seems to run smoothly for anyone but this is a new season and i like the idea of a little ray of sunshine among all the clouds!!!

oh and that gay character comes into hollyoaks this week so that might be worth watching! she is in one of the spoiler videos and she doesn't seem that bad (people on the C4 forum were having a good old moan before she's even started!!) and there are pictures of her being slapped by Sarah's sister and sarah comforting her!! ooohhh!! people are also moaning because lydia (the gay girl) isn't Zoe. so what!!??! i think it would be good if sarah and lydia get together!! but we'll see!!

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is anyone feeling generous, lovely, kind, awesome or generally a fantastic person? and feel like doing me a huge favour? i've asked on a couple of skins coms, but have not had any responses :((well not that i've actually asked anyone to do this, but i've asked if there is a download anywhere...)

can anyone/someone use this webite : video converter (or any other one that works) to ripp the youtube video from this journal entry(below) as an .avi and then put it somewhere i can download it?? i can't view it in the UK, if i could i'd do it myself!! i want to keep it and maybe cap it, and i don't want to have to keep going to E4's site!

skins making of 6

if anyone can do this i will be eternally greatful and would owe you one

and yes i know not many people read this, but what else can i do? i'm a little desperate!! i might have to ask on afterellen, that's how desperate i am!!!!

please please please!

cheer's m'dears :D

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what a fantastic episode Naomi's was! unfortunately i can't be very coherent about it. but like i said i'm glad she didn't sleep with Cook, i think it would have been too unrealistic if she had, not everyone has to sleep with cook and he still annoys me even though there was a spark of humanity in him in this ep, i'm sure that won't last!! i should have written this yesterday when i probably could have put something good.......

JJ's ep looks good, out of all the boys i like JJ the most, i think he's meant to have asperger's syndrome, not that i necessarily know what that means for him, but i think it could be interesting. and it will be good to see him stand up to cook and freddie who seem to treat him a bit like a doormat, maybe not so much freddie though. and i like that all the music is going to be piano music, that will also be interesting.

amazingly the women at the jobcentre didn't leave me waiting 20 minutes like the last 2 times but this time she answered her phone in the middle of me asking her something, i have never had to deal with such a useless bunch of people in my life, and i've had to deal with the public for 10 years!!! she is absolutely useless and it's a bit of a slap in the face when you're looking for a job and the person who is meant to be helping you is so fucking useless at theirs!

and another useless piece of information is that i saw a heron being chased by a crow this morning!!!??? that's not something you see every day!!

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aarrrr!! cat-flap hand holding!!! too fucking cute!! oh and i wasn't let down, naomi didn't sleep with cook, THANK THE LORD!!! :D

I do not believe that emily will sleep with JJ, she is soooo in love with naomi it won't happen!

more rambles tomorrow (if i survive the job centre without killing a DWP employee, which is easier said than done, believe me! wish me luck!!)

oh, and god damn that was a great episode!!

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i saw an icon somewhere or another earlier that said 'Cook for president' on it and i thought 'oh! hell no' so here are some of my own! because we all know who should be president!! :) they may not be brilliant but anyway......

just in case anyone wants them:
- please don't hotlink
- please credit me :)
- comment!
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sooo, Freddies episode! kinda boring, and if my freinds treated me like cook treats him i would stop hanging around him and if effy was like that with me i'd try to forget about her, you only treat me like shit a couple of times before i think enough is enough.

and as for the clips of next weeks Noami episode and the coming soon clip, here are my thoughts/uneducated predictions/ramble:


- as much as i don't want it to happen i think something will happen between naomi and cook, even with that bit where she says 'this is wrong', but i think they do it because of a bet about the student president thing. and then of course emily will be crushed by it :(

- i like how JJ shouts at cook, but i still can't quite fathom why JJ hangs around with cook!

- even though they probably have some bumps in the road, i do hope emily and noami get a happy ending, coz i think they go well together :)

- i wonder who will play the twins' mum and/or dad (if ronnie ancona is naomi's mum)

- i love how Emily stares/looks at naomi, like she really loves her, i think Kat prescott does a great job.

- I HATE cook, and effy is slowly getting further down my list of faves!

here's a clip of ronnie ancona and jon culshaw, it's pretty funny :)

EDITO: ronnie ancona isn't naomi's mum she's played by Olivia colman! sooo who is ronnie? maybe she's a teacher or something, i'm not sure she would be the twins' mum with what she says in the clip, but who knows........

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and RONNIE ANCONA!! as i presume naomi's mum, sooo cooooolllll, i love the parents :)

although the clip for next week looks a bit sad for emily :(

but as it's late now, thats all i'll say till i can have another look tomorrow.........

don't know why i fucking bother with this any more really................................. i need to actually get a life
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dollhouse ep 1:
it wasn't bad, i enjoyed it, it did seem to go pretty quickly though! i'll watch it next week..
my highlights:
- echo dancing, in what was basically a t-shirt, at that party
- sierra running on the treadmill
- sierra, again, storming in and shooting peeps, and then being all fierce!! (gotta love a girl in body armour with guns!!)
- the doctor woman. what's with the face? looks like wolverine attacked her!! and was it me or was that scene with echo all slashy?
- and i'm glad, in what little we saw her, well that end scene, that Dichen seems to be able to act (but then i heard years ago that people in neighbours are told not to act!!)

so, so far sierra: 2 echo: 1 (and maybe a half for flirting with the doctor!)

my skins speculations: (i should add that i rarely read spoilers, so i don't know if any of this has been reveled)

on the subject of emily being naked at some point with JJ (which is on that podcast), i think that being naked with someone doesn’t mean they slept together, Emily pretty much knows she’s gay, JJ only wanted to kiss that prostitute in ep 2, so i’m not sure either of them will just ‘dive in’ so to speak. I think that maybe they kinda go to sleep together, but then neither of them or just Emily can go through with it. yes, i suppose i think this mainly coz i don't want emily to sleep with a boy!

And i was thinking that the scenes that are meant to be with Naomi and teacher Kieran, could be that her and cook get caught ’rolling around’ in college by him and as that’s against the rules stuff happens because of that. and can i say what the hell is up with cook sleeping with every one?? as katie would say 'you're repulsive' (she better not sleep with him either!) i don't get why naomi would sleep with him anyway, she seems too sensible for that.

that is all

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I really enjoyed this ep, yes perhaps because of all the emily/naomi stuff, but also i like pandora. you had to feel sorry for effy at the beginning, poor girl :( also she looked rather lovely sitting at the breakfast table without any make up on, and those boots!! hehe very river tam!!

I love they way emily has a mini panic when she hears katie spiked the brownies, she knew what she'd do!! also loved how she looked Naomi up and down when they were getting changed and when they were dancing, she wants her bad! and the kiss on the bouncy castle was cute too, although katie saw which may not be good, well, WILL not be good!

and i knew they wouldn't use katy perry for the music in the actual ep (aren't i clever!!), it's too damn obvious and the way the song was cut in the advert just seemed strange.

also cook annoys the shit out of me.

now i have completely lost my train of thought......except to say happy birthday to myself for tomorrow! and Jeff the cleaner who i used to work with who's birthday is also tomorrow :)

that is all!

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damn you Demons for the best part being the last 5 minutes, mina going all vampire again!! and for the worst part being the last 5 minutes, because either it won’t get a second season and the potential of mina gone bad will be lost or it will get a second season and they still have the same writers and the potential of mina gone bad will be butchered and lost!!

See, my imagination is already seeing how cool season 2 would be, with Mina being a bit of a threat and them not knowing if she is trustworthy or not and her not doing her blood thinning or whatever it is she’s doing and instead going out ‘hunting’ but then coming back and helping them kill half lives!! oh, the potential for a freakin awesome show!! fucking ITV! but i am thankful for the small breadcrumbs of Mina that were there in the show, but again if they do another season they REALLY need more mina!!

Skins was good this week too, Thomas is a great character, so happy!! i hope they bring him back. and emily and naomi had a little screen time too, emily told her twin katie that it was her that had kissed naomi not the other way round (i knew it!! :D ) and she said it was coz she'd had some drugs, but then when she spoke to naomi later she said that she hadn't had any drugs and that she just wanted to kiss her and that she still wants to kiss her!! cool! next weeks ep looks good too. and it totally sucks that E4 cut like a minute off the promo for next week and what with youtube doing that whole 'not in the right country' shit, gggrrrr!!
and i like that they have kind of cameos from well known comedians as the kids' parents. effy's dad is harry enfield, maxxie's dad was Bill Bailey, effy's mum was sleeping with david baddiel, pandora's aunt is maureen lipman and next week her mum is sally phillips from smack the pony and green wing!! i think it's great!

i've been watching 'being human' too which is actually really good, the pilot was great, but i tell ya it being called the british buffy if THE most rediculous thing i've ever read, the idiot journo's are only saying that because it has vampires in, i mean there are no people going round killing vampires or the werewolves or the ghosts so what the fuck??!! but then anything being compared to buffy pisses me off anyway....... i recomend being human! it's about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost trying to live a normal life in bristol, it sounds strange but is really good!

and talking about buffy, in the sunday tele every few weeks they have a bit written by olivia williams, and she keeps metioning dollhouse, and this week she may have given afew spoilers!! yeah i know it hasn't even started yet, but anyway! and i gotta say what she writes is really funny, talking about being an english women in hollywood and the differences and stuff. i think this is the 4th one i've read and i wish i'd kept the others coz i can't find them online, which is a shame.

now to watch battlestar...............

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demons ep 4:
has to be the best one so far, but it was still full of plot holes, very big obvious plot holes, i mean really the writing on this show is terrible, it's a good concept with bad exicution. but hell, Mina actually got to do something so i'm happy with that!gotta say for a blind women she gets around awfully well with no help! maybe being a vampire hightens your other senses as well as giving you visions when you touch stuff?!! but she's the only reason i'm watching, I have a small fasination with the Mina Harker character, ever since the league of extraordinary gentlemen film (peta wilson!!), although i haven't yet managed to finish reading dracula, it's really quite boring, i have even downloaded the audio version and i still haven't gotten past where i've read up too!!! and the fact that mina in demons is played by zoe tapper doesn't hurt at all!! i think she's the only one who actually seems to be acting in the show, mina actually has a personality!!
it's made (i believe) by the same people who did hex, which may explain why so far there have been 3 people from hex in it, zoe tapper, the women who played the crazy fairy and the girl who played ella, if only they would get jemima rooper or christina cole!!! and they were vampires, and them and mina used to hang around and kill people...........

skins 301:
i enjoyed it, looks like there might be some good stuff between emily and naomi, so i'll stay tuned for that. personelly i think it was emily who tried to kiss naomi in middle school and made out it was the other way round, especially after the 'people tell lies about me' then staring right at emily! come on!!, they spend most of the episode staring at each other too. i have a feeling cook might start to piss me off, but we'll wait and see!

battlestar 412:
i've never really liked gaeta, i thought him singing when his stump hurt was it, but now..! good lord shut up! i REALLY want starbuck to frak him up, i really do, take out his other leg then just beat on him for a while, that'd be good. the graphics with his leg are good though, i thought they might just do it last week so we all know he has that false leg, but the keep showing it which shows you just how superior battlestar is!!

hollyoaks: come on bring on sarah and zoe, i need my fix

and what the hell is up with youtube? i keep getting notices saying that a video can't be viewed in my country??? what the fuck?!! i get enough of that from american tv websites, so i think 'oh i'll look on youtube for it', but no they have decided to start that shit too!! yet another site that gets too popular and ends up being ruined, just like ebay, you could get some real bargains on there and sell most stuff, now it's full of 'shops' and people doing buy it nows that are extortionate, they really do shot themselves in the foot sometimes.

that is all!

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