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Thought i would make a post to say Hi to new people on my flist! HI!

i have been lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend!! woo hoo!! unfortunatly i'm back at work tomorrow, although i do actually love my job, so it's not all that bad. but i've had lots of thing i should have done and haven't really!!

- I have started watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, i left it a while so that i didn't get too psycho about it. but i'm glad i did, it is a great show!

- I have been looking up the guest list for London Film and Comic Con in July and it is GOOOODDDD! Dina Mayer (Dizzy in starship troopers, BARBARA GORDON in Birds of Prey and a Romulan in Star trek nemesis) Terri Farrel (Dax in DS9) Helen Slater (SUPERGIRL!) Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa in Defiance) and Summer Glau (river tam in firefly, Cameron in TSCC) are the main people i'm going for. i have to get a photo with dax so that i then have photo's with my faves. i'm thinking about getting comics signed by Helen Slater and Dina Mayer. No matter what, it will be awesome!! and i'm super excited

- I'm deciding whether to or not to go to star trek destination london, although i think i'm pretty much 85% sure i will go! i went to the first one and loved it!

and none of that has anything to do with anything, but there ya go!! :D lol!!

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++ in a couple of weeks i'm going to LFCC and i'm rather excited by the fact that Catrin Stewart aka Jenny flint is going on sunday (when im going! :D)

 photo tumblr_mnaz1e5KAn1rqseaco1_400.gif

also Lena Headey is going so i have to decide whether to get something specific to sign or just get a photo done, i'm also hoping to get Amanda tapping's autograph and a photo maybe! very exciting!! :D oh and Adrienne Barbeau who is the voice of catwoman in the batman animated series!!!! and she's in carnivale which i loved! :D

++ I'm sitting watching the voice and desperately hoping Andrea wins, i think she has a fantastic voice!!

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i just got back from the London Expo and had a pretty good day!! :D

i 'm too tired at the minute to do a big post but if you havent read it elsewhere...

Merlin season 3 spoiler )
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yesterday i went to the London Film and Comic con at Earls Court and had a brilliant day! there was a lot of queuing, which is toi be expected, but i got all the autographs i wanted so i was well please! :)

The first one i got was Anna Walton, she was the princess in Hellboy 2 and was i 'Vampire Diary' she was really nice! very thin though and she looked lovely in a greeny dress, i got my picture taken with her too which is cool :)

we then walked around for a while had some food then went to a talk by Scott Bakula who was Sam in Quantum Leap and captain Archer in Enterprise, he was also very nice.

i then went to get Keeley Hawes's autograph!!! queued up for as while for that but i was well worth it caz i actually spoke to her (i did speak to anna walton too!!) I said 'Hi' and that and then cheekily asked her if she was tired yet (coz this was at about 5:00 and it opened at 9:00) and she was signing my pic and she looked up at me slowly with a cheeky grin!!! hehe! i was well happy!! :D she did then say something like 'no, it's going quite quickly actually' and i said well at least it's not dragging!' then there was all the thanks alots and have a nice day! oh i'm so pleased!! :D

and then i got Jewel Staite. she was in Firefly and Serenity and also stargate atlantis (although i havent seen that!) and she was also lovely, i didnt really say much to her though!

i should say the pics are the ones i had signed!

i then queued with my friend for Scott Bakula's autograph coz she loves him and i shook his hand!!

There were alot of people there dressed up! some very proffessionaly others....not!! i had my picture taken with some storm troopers from star wars and i wanted one taken with some centurion guards from battlestar galactica, but didnt get the opportunity! :( there was also a guy dressed as the alien from Alien and he was surrounded by army guys with guns! i got a pic of my friend with the alien!!

we didn't really have time to go to the roller derby that was next door but hopefully next time!!

We had a really good day! :)

i forgot to mention that i aslo paid for an original sketch by a comic book artist, he didnt manage to do it there and then but he's going to post it to me!! it's gonna be of catwoman and full length in colour!! i'm really excited about that too!!

<<>>> :D :P >>>>>>>>
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aarrgghh!! Keeley Hawes is going to the London Film and Comic Con that i'm going to!!! i was pissed when i saw that Eve Myles was only going on sunday, but this more than makes up for it!! :D now the question is do i have the balls to take my copy of tipping the velvet with me for her to sign???!!! i'm defo getting an autograph though!!

it's going to be bitter-sweet for me though coz crush leaves work on the 17th and the cons on the 18th, so if we go out for drinks after her last day i might not want to leave and then i'll be dead tired onsaturday, but really who care right? it may be the last time i ever see her..... :(

so the con i'm hoping to get autographs of Scott bakula, keeley hawes, jewel staite, michael shanks maybe and anna walton who was the princess in hellboy 2! i'm gonna make the most of this one coz i went on my own to one once and wasted some opotunities!! oh and i might get a sketch done from one of the comic book people there although i don't know how much theywould be......

(while i've been typing this crush has stopped to talk to me and has now sat down next to me and is checking her emails!!! i'm a little too excited about that!! and she's wearing a nice summer dress today too, and it's pretty short!! :D my day has really improved!! :D )

(oh and working days til crush goes is down from 9 days to 7 coz she isn't in tomorrow coz she's graduating!)

<<<>>> :D >>><<< \o/
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see, now i'm sitting at work thinking that i could take next saturday off to go and see the lovely merlin ladies at the london expo......... but i'm a grown up and can decide whether it's right to take a day off work to go and stare at katie mcgrath!!!! i mean if all the early tickets are gone i might not be able to get tickets for the talk....... and would i turn into a jibbering wreck if i queue for autographs.......... but the opportunity....... it might never come again..... she's too cool to go to others really isn't she ......... damn it woman make a decision..........

and talking of katie mcgrath, on those commentaries where she said about the druids and saying they should have gone to the local druids and ask them to bring their own robes!! that made me laugh......... but anyway......



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