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For Womenverse we have had to make things for something we have just discovered, i have picked Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Renee Montoya from Gotham and Nyssa Al Ghul from Arrow!

Nyssa Al Ghul Renee Montoya Selina Kyle Selina Kyle Selina Kyle

Sig Tags

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For challenge 8 – '20 in 20' at womenverse we had to pick between doing 20 icons or 20 drabbles, I chose drabbles and they had to be between 100-150 words

We were given 10 prompts, we had to pick 5 prompts from the LJ mood theme and we could pick 5 of our own, they are as follows:

10 Given Themes
defining moment
Song lyric - ‘You had better run from me, with everything you own, coz I am gonna come for you, with all that I have’ from Gun by Chvrches

LJ Mood Theme

My Chosen Prompts (picked using a word generator- except for the first one!)

A shit load of writing under the cut! )
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In Challenge #9 - Book Character Fan Cast we can pick up to 5 characters from books or comics and cast them!

Here are mine:
under the cut due to big pics!! )
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Challenge 7 at [ profile] womenverse is "Non-Human" and i have made icons and sigtags! :D

Non-Human Icons

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wv non human banner 1

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For Challenge 3 at Womenverse we were asked to make mood boards for up to 4 characters.

I have chosen:
Catwoman, Charlie Matheson, Gail Peck and Morgana )
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My entry for challenge 8 - Disability Fest for womenverse. I have chosen the awesome Barbara Gordon from Birds Of Prey as played by Dina Meyer in the TV show


wv Dina_Meyer_Oracle icon wv dina oraclemeyer icon wv dina BarbaraBOP icon


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Your favourite character from media aimed at children:
I was going to go with someone from Despicable me, but have decided to go with Elsa from Frozen

A character you relate to:
I kind of relate to Gail Peck from Rookie Blue. I'm not that good with people.

A character you love but fandom hates:
There doesn't seem to be all that much love for Charlie From Revolution. Not as an individual anyway (she seems to have to be part of a pairing to be liked!!)

Your favourite character of color:
Joan Watson from Elementary is a great character (and could be a very good answer to the above question) she is a brilliant person in her own right and doesn't put up with any of sherlock's shit!! :D

Your favourite sci-fi character:
I do have a lot, but i'm going to have to go with Seven Of Nine from Voyager!! (I could also use her for the answer to the character you relate to question!)
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A Crossover Fic for Womenverse challenge 3: crossover roulette

Crossover between Irisa from Definace and Tracy Nash from Rookie Blue

Fic here )
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gif reaction challenge for womenverse
.Read more )
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1. Your favorite child character: Agnes from despicable me

 photo despicqablemetumblr4.gif

2. Your favorite friendship between at least two women/girls (fictional or not): I always liked Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway relationship (not in a slashy way though)

3. Your favorite villain: The Lady Morgana

 photo tumblr_lss4j69EvQ1qfuy02o1_500.gif

4. Your favorite female character on a male-driven show(/book/movie/etc.):
Major Carter on Stargate SG1

 photo tumblr_mjwnx99PtO1rjkjhfo8_500.gif

5. An awesome character or celebrity you just discovered recently: Faore in man of steel

 photo tumblr_moi42poCm81sptcr1o1_500.gif

Your favourite non-human female character: well there are a few that come to mind but i think many of them are still considered human :( and i'm trying not to use the same person to answer more than one question, so i'm going with:
Jadzia Dax, a Trill! :D
 photo tumblr_mjxj1dwdmB1rkvl19o1_400.gif

Your favourite woman over 50 (fictional or not): I was finding this tricky, then i was flicking through the telly and Sister Act is on so i'm picking Whoopi Goldberg! i 've always loved her, ii had a poster of her on my wall when i was a kid!!

 photo whoopigoldberg.jpg

Your favourite weird/different/oddball female character: It has to be Chiana from Farscape

 photo tumblr_lye311fqkG1qcaefeo1_400.gif

A female character that needs more screen time: I'm going with Lady Sif from the Thor movies! (i need a women of marvel film!)

 photo tumblr_mnal9sy88Q1srpkdvo1_500.gif

Your favourite female writer or director: Sarah Waters
I love both Fingersmith and Affinity
affinity photo Affinity.jpgfingersmith photo Fingersmithcover.jpg
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My review of

Kill For Me

 photo kill-for-me.jpg

Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos

Plot Summary
The film revolves around two roommates Amanda and Hayley. They both have men in their lives that are abusive. Hayley moves in to the house where amanda lives and where one of the roommates went missing a few months ago.
review with spoilers )
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So i was sitting up on the roof yesterday, minding my own business and i heard this thud. it made me jump a little, so i looked around and guess who was standing there???!!?!

super squee )
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My entry for the Big Bang challenge at womenverse

My theme is:

The Fight/Fighter

10 sigtags
2 gifs
3 picspams
1 video

featuring: Charlie Matheson, Morgana, Judge Anderson, Irisa, Betty McRae, Sweet Pea and a few more! )
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This post is for challenge 12 at Womenverse. Based on the prompt Summer Vacation I have made 1 gif and a fic!

Title: Charlie’s Postcards
Author: [ profile] majorrogue
Character(s): Charlie Matheson (Revolution)
Word Count: 409
Rating: U
Spoilers: None
Summary: Charlie reminisces about her postcards

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I remember asking my father when I was a child what these postcards were for. They were always so fascinating to me, beautiful pictures of beaches like I had never seen, mountains that I didn’t know were possible and cities that I had never heard of.

He explained to me that they were souvenirs that people would buy and send to their friends and loved ones when they went away on vacation. I remember staring at a postcard of a beach it looked like paradise to me, so clean, so sunny, and then asking him what a vacation was.

It seemed strange to me even then, a few years after the black out, that people would be able to leave their normal lives for a week or even more and go to another city or another country. They didn’t have to worry about their crops not getting watered or that someone would steal them, they could just forget about that and have a good time elsewhere. 

I found it amazing and quite fantastic that people would get into planes and fly through the sky and land hundreds of miles away. He said that a lot of the time people had never been to where they were going before, they would just go to a different country to experience what it was like, I’ve never even left the Munroe Republic let alone stepped foot in a different country. I asked Maggie once about England, where she came from, but she would never talk about it, I later realised it bought up too many painful memories of her children that she may never see again. 

Finding a new postcard was a thrill for me, especially if it was a place I had never seen before and let’s face it that was most of them. I was always fascinated by the ones that were of a city at night; all lit up so that it seemed to glow. I can hardly remember what it was like to have the house all lit up at night, not having to carry a candle around and having to stop reading when the sun went down so that we didn’t strain our eyes.

Imagine a whole city glowing with light, no one having to worry that they had to get home before it got too dark. 

Those postcards were my fantasy, places I wanted to go, cities I wanted to see, but never being able to.

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i have come to the conclucion that i can't do motivational posters so i'm only doing the one!! and this is it!

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