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I haven't posted on here since the beginning of November! oops! I don't know, i just havent really got that much to say! alot of the stuff i used to squee about and post about was fandom stuff and ,ost of those shows have finished and the fandom has mainly moved over to Tumblr (which, yes, i have been on alot! but i still don't like it very much! as 7of9 once said "everyones entitled to their own small opinion" and no-one allowed to say that they are wrong and/or stupid without getting attacked. It's far too much like being in school surrounded by bully windbags who like the sound of their own voices too much!! but hey, that's just my own small opinion!!)

- anyway, thanks to [ profile] endeni for wishing me a happy birthday. I was actually thinking about whether to post on here today or not as i usually do a "happy birthday to me" post with lots of pretty, but i don't really save pics like i used to! (thanks again tumblr) but her birthday wishes spurred me on!!

- things ive been watching: agent carter (awesome), gotham (a little behind but loving), crisis (not too sure yet, could get repetitive) Arrow (still catching up on season 2, but still like it) call the midwife (still one of my faves!) jane the virgin (a little behind but enjoying it) The Flash (really liking it, proper superhero stuff) Dollhouse (started watching it and only a few eps in so we'll see)

- this year i'm trying to read more, i love reading LOVE IT! but i don't do enough of it recently!!

- went on a diet about a month ago and it's going okay, cut out alot of sugar and i'm only weighing myself once a week so i don't get disheartened! (although i am having cake today, it is my birthday after all!!)

-right dinner's up so i'm off!! :D
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Thought i would make a post to say Hi to new people on my flist! HI!

i have been lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend!! woo hoo!! unfortunatly i'm back at work tomorrow, although i do actually love my job, so it's not all that bad. but i've had lots of thing i should have done and haven't really!!

- I have started watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, i left it a while so that i didn't get too psycho about it. but i'm glad i did, it is a great show!

- I have been looking up the guest list for London Film and Comic Con in July and it is GOOOODDDD! Dina Mayer (Dizzy in starship troopers, BARBARA GORDON in Birds of Prey and a Romulan in Star trek nemesis) Terri Farrel (Dax in DS9) Helen Slater (SUPERGIRL!) Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa in Defiance) and Summer Glau (river tam in firefly, Cameron in TSCC) are the main people i'm going for. i have to get a photo with dax so that i then have photo's with my faves. i'm thinking about getting comics signed by Helen Slater and Dina Mayer. No matter what, it will be awesome!! and i'm super excited

- I'm deciding whether to or not to go to star trek destination london, although i think i'm pretty much 85% sure i will go! i went to the first one and loved it!

and none of that has anything to do with anything, but there ya go!! :D lol!!

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Just a couple of things (while i wait for the water to heat up so i can have a shower!) -

- I'm probably going to go for a semi-friends only thing on this journal as i'm fed up with people stealing my bandwidth on photobucket! good idea? bad idea?

- So if you look at my journal and enjoy the crap i put on here and aren't a friend then friend me (as long as you aren't just doing it to sell me something!)

- I'm in the process of doing a sticky post (that always sounds so silly!) with a meme thing in it so people can look and see what i like.

- i have become obsessed with the game countrylife on facebook, it's just so addictive! anyone else play that? or farmville? or fishville?

that's all for now!
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That the girl at work that i have a crush on was gay so i could be somewhat happy!!! i thought not seeing her for 5 days might help me get over it, but no, she walks in today not wearing a great deal and talking about having suntan lines where she'd been wearing a bikini at the weekend!! that's just not fair, first thing in the morning too!!! and she isn't what i thought my type was either which is confusing!! but she's really nice.............. hurumph!! :D
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i'm desperatley trying not to think about where i could be at the minute! but obviously it's not working!! :) i would not have been able to get tickets and would have wasted my time! oh at least thats what i keep telling myself!!! and i also just keep thinking that they are paying me to be here!! which is always good i suppose :) and it means i can buy loads of shit off of ebay!!hahaha!!

okay so the final episode of boy meets girl was on yesterday and can i just say: WHAT KIND OF AN ENDING WAS THAT??!! what a waste! it seemed like they did swap back into each others bodies, and if they did then it ewas a rubbish ending. but there was a small bit of doubt creeping in for me when i thought about it a bit more, the reactions of them when they had swapped was a bit off, i mean if veronica was so desperate to get out of danny's life why wasn't she more happy and excited to be back in her own body? and he didn't seem as upset as you'd have thought he would be to be back in is own body and away from the woman he loved??!! maybe they were thinking they could do another series and that's why it's been left abit ambiguous? they probably wont do another series though, so i wish they had made it clearer! frankly i would have liked it if they hadn't gone back to there own bodies, that would have been good coz danny in veronicas body could have dumped that guy and gotten back with fiona, fiona was nice and didn't deserve that, i don't think! i like angela griffiths she was pretty good in it, especially the dinner scene, she was good in that.

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as i'm bored and the thought came to me while looking through my friends page, here is a list of people i want to slap in the face with a (preferably) wet fish!!

(they aren't in any order and there probably wont be any pics coz i don't want to waste my photobucket space with people i dont like!!!)

zachery quinto -
now i'm a huge star trek fan, i started watching when the next gen started in the 80's so it's been a big part of my life, and yet something is stopping me going to see the new star trek film, i'm not necessarily saying it's him but i am getting tired of seeing his face everywhere!! i could also be a bit bitter coz i used to like heroes but then i took me for granted and turned into a pile of steaming shit...... but either way i want to smack him in the face!!!

madonna -
man, am i tired of seeing her everywhere and she never seems to be fully clothed!!! seriously woman dress your age!!! and the fact that she has jumped from one man to another without seemingly taking a break is a bit..... skanky!!??!!

any of the geldof clan -
they just piss me off, the kids are famous for having a famous dad and that pisses me off for starters. but i dont mind if you have a famous parent if you are good at something yourself but they aren't! what do they do? and there dad pisses me off to, hethinks he's cool but really? nope!!

Britney spears -
please just go away. you are a disgrace. go home, sort your life out and come back when you have!! you can't possibly need the money!!

and now i can't think of any more because ive been distracted by work....... i may add more later!!
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so, i'm 80% sure i'm not going to go to this expo thing and it pisses me off!! but looking on the website it looks stupid anyway, they say that tickets for the talk are given out at 10.00am but the doors for normal people open at 11.00 and all the earlybird tickets (9.00am) are gone unless you line up on the day, so basicly i have no hope of getting a ticket and you can only get autographs if you've seen the talk so..... poop :( but i'd rather know that now than on the day and have wasted time and money!! especially if i can be bored stiff at work and get paid a ton for it!!!

but to cheer me up a bit, here's a pic of katie looking like i feel!!! :D (but remaining pretty while doing so!!)

>><<<>>>>> $$!!%^&(££$%&*%^£"!>>>><<<<<
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see, now i'm sitting at work thinking that i could take next saturday off to go and see the lovely merlin ladies at the london expo......... but i'm a grown up and can decide whether it's right to take a day off work to go and stare at katie mcgrath!!!! i mean if all the early tickets are gone i might not be able to get tickets for the talk....... and would i turn into a jibbering wreck if i queue for autographs.......... but the opportunity....... it might never come again..... she's too cool to go to others really isn't she ......... damn it woman make a decision..........

and talking of katie mcgrath, on those commentaries where she said about the druids and saying they should have gone to the local druids and ask them to bring their own robes!! that made me laugh......... but anyway......

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so telly recently has been pretty dull, i swear i used to watch alot more tv than i do now!! not sure if that is a good thing or not though!!!

i'm sure a lot of people don't, but i'm really enjoying 'boy meets girl'!! i think rachel stirling is great as a man trapped in a womans body!!! and now she's getting it on with a woman!! i wonder how they are going to finish it though, whether they will go back into their normal bodies or not. i mean if danny is in love with fiona and is now in veronica's body and fiona is gay and fancies veronica....... then it's not fair on fiona is it??!!?!?!? i suppose they kind of have to put them back in each others bodies, but it would be interesting to see them after they do, to see the ramifications of what's happened.......

ashes to ashes was good this week too, funnier than usual!! i'm a bit more interested in the strange connections to the present day though, and i liked the bits in the first season when she didn't believe any of them were real and she kept referencing the present, i always thought that was quite funny!! i'd like to know how they are going to finish it, i hope she doesn't die and stay in the 80's, i want to see her in modern clothes and stuff!!!

and hollyoaks!! i can't believe i'm kinda getting into hollyoaks!! but i do like sarah and lydia together! and sarah seems happy with her, but of course i'm sure it will end badly as the actress who plays lydia is only in 19 eps i think so it will end soon enough :( god i'm a pesimist aren't i???!!!!?!?! i hope they bring her back for more though.
one thing i don't like though is that hollyoaks leaves stories for a week or so at a time and concerntrates on a different story (does that make sense??!!) and normally boring ones!! oh well!!!

while i'm here and doing nothing a work as usual, i'll say that i watched 2 eps of merlin with the commentaries!! they are kinda funny, arthur (who's name completely escapes me!!) can talk for briton though can't he!!! and angel doesn't talk enough!! of course i mainly listened for katie as i wanted to hear the parts where she said that morgana is essentially evil (woo hoo!!) it makes me want to see season 2 even more, i hope both the girls get to do more this season :) also i couldn't see what katie was talking about when she was saying about her eyebrow!! was that me? did i completely miss something?? i wish she did a commentary for 'to kill a king' that would have been great!!!

okay well now i have to pack up this stuff at work and go!! YAY!!!

(sorry for the ton of spelling mistakes there probably is in here, but i'm too lazy to go through it!!!! )


work ramble

May. 5th, 2009 01:14 pm
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y'know i'm really not sure i like alot of the people at this job, some are nice, the ladies i work with at the weekend are all really nice and we have a good laugh, but during the week everyone is stressed and they never answer questions you might have. and some of the volenteers are awful people!! like i've said before they are sooooo full of themselves and are proper snobs, if you don't work for the school or don't have a son who came ordoes come here they don't want to know you, i have never had the missfortune to know/meet people like this before and i worked in a shop for bloody years, these people are a breed apart and frankly i'd rather it stayed that way so i don't have anything to do with them once i've left here!!!

and it is still sooo fuckng boring...and they have this awful music playing constantly on a loop which is slowly driving me insain!!!! i swear if they weren't paying e so much i'd be outta here!! THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET ACCESS HERE!! otherwise i'd have gone crazy.......

think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.........
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as this job is driving me mad (i have never met so many elitist snobs in my life, i'm so tired of hearing about peoples boys who are doing rubgy or hockey or cricket, I DONT CARE!!) it's so badly organised and is so fucking boring!! and the fact that i can't really see livejournal on my pc at home (which is really starting to piss me off, i'm gonna ask my bro about it to see if he will help, you never know!!) here are some reasons to be cheerful (for me anyway :D )

1. wolverine comes out next week YAY, i'm so looking forward to it, and a live action Gambit!! oh man!! :D i'm hoping to go on thursday when it comes out, so that i can get in before all the teens.....

2. 'ashes to ashes' started yesterday, which is cool, at last i have something to watch on tv, proper tv not on my comp. (although of course there was 'no.1 ladies detective agency' but that's now finished :( ) and really who doesn't mind watching keeley hawes on the box??!!

3. next week 'boy meets girl' is on which looks good, it's where a man and women swap bodies, and i do like my body swap stories!! i have no idea why!! i really like 13 going on 30 but that could also have something to do with jenifer garner!! :) and i think the girl who is really a man gets it on with another girl hahaha! yes i am easily pleased at times!!

4. and aslo next week in hollyoaks sarah and lydia get it on i think, which should be interesting :)

and at the minute that's all i can think of........... so back to surfing the web and doing very little while being paid!! woo hoo!!! .......... yawn.....

EDIT: i forgot to add that the new star trek film comes out soon too :) although i don't actually know how i feel about it yet!!!

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i can't work out if its a good thing or a bad thing looking at livejournal at work! it's good because i can actually see it! (it's still buggured up at home for some reason :( ) but it's bad coz i can't save any icons or look at stuff that might be risque (is that how you spell that?) hhhmmmmm, but at least it's something to do, this and facebook!! can't believe i've turned into one of those people who sit all day on facebook, but i'm only on there for the games so it's not al that bad.....right?

as i'm so bored i'm actually contemplating writing fic!! buti'm not sure where i'd do it, maybe in my yahoo email or on paper.... but then i'd have to hid it all the time...... of course i probably won't anyway..........

end ramble.

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it still hates me :( this is so annoying. when i click on links it can never find the page, sometimes even if i refresh it it can't find it, then sometimes it goes really wierd and the page looks really wrong, it's driving me mad i can't look at all the awesome stuff on my friends page :( is it just me having trouble?

Edit: FUCKING HELL, i just tried to post this and it wouldn't do it *shakes fists madly in the air* thank god it does that auto save thing or i might have hurt my computer!!! :) any other site i look at is fine.......... !^(^£$£%)YUJ****&%$?>@:{ gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr

and now the fucking beatles are on the radio aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

and relax.......

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livejournal seems to hate me today, so i'm going to bed, starting again tomorrow and defo having a lay in, as i now finally have my 'weekend'!! i'm not sure how much i like this new job of mine..............

right, REBOOT!!!!

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- after watching, well not really watching, it's just on TV and it's a shit film (good god clive owen can NOT act!) i want to see morgana be fierce with a bow and arrow!! i mean really if kiera knightley can do it..........

- twilight movie = Shite (the 'best' bit was the fight towards the end and that was only like 10 minutes if that!) right click > delete

- i am far too tired recently, work is not physical in the slightest, so why i'm so tired is a mystery.... maybe it's the lack of doing anything interesting, my brain is switching off

- blah blah blah, bed time me thinks.........

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i'm seriously considering signing up to twitter.....mainly coz i've seen kat prescot and lily loveless have them!!! it's so wrong...... now i'm trying to think of other people i might be interested in so that it doesn't seem so weird!!! just shows you how i'm wasting time, i'm sure there are things i should be doing, especially before friday and the end of my care free life.......although i'm thinking of making myself a banner with all the lovely people i like, but then my photoshopping skills aren't wonderful......but then i really should sort my room out.....but i also have to watch merlin, terminator, the last ep of being human and 2 eps of dollhouse.... my room can defo wait!! :) damn i also should figure out how to get a vid off of my DVR and onto my pc.... but i don't think that will be easy, so we'll see........

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i am now employed!! (well i was employed last week) YAY and i've told the DWP where to stick it.....okay so i didn't actually say that, because i wouldn't actually say boo to a goose in real life, but in my head i was extremely rude to them!!! hahaha!! but unfortunately being employed means i need new work clothes and i spent about 4 hours looking for clothes today. aarrggghh!!! clothes shopping to me is like torture, i normally buy like 2 or 3 of the same thing if i like it so that i don't have to go shopping again for a year or so...... i'm hoping that i have to wear a uniform of some sort, then i don't have to worry about dressing!!! hahaha! fingers crossed......

- i really need to watch the last ep of being human, also i have to watch the last skins ( i'll probably do that tonight) i still haven't watched last weeks dollhouse...thats probably not a good sign is it?!!? i also also, need to watch an ep of merlin, i need a bit of a fix!!

- my current guilty pleasure is, i'm sorry to say, tylor swift's song 'love story', i keep waking up with it in my head!! and while looking on youtube for it i found it with my other obsession: skins!! yay!

- and skins ep 9:katie and emily is now my equal favorite episode with naomi's. i hope next season they give katie more to do though....

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so, i'm wasting time and trying to keep my mind off of the fact that i have a job interview in about an hour and a half and i'm shitting myself O~O i don't really know what the job is either which doesn't help!! i think it's going to be for a shop post or a reception/ticket office job, but who knows??!! yeah i know i should know by i sent my CV off to them just asking if they had any jobs, then 3 weeks later i just got an email asking if i could go today to talk about an 'employment opportunity'!! but then there were 2 adverts in the local paper for jobs at the same place so i'm putting 2 and 2 together ......... well we will see soon enough. at least i wouldn't have to go and see those lazy arsed DWP (department of work and pensions) people every other week, so that'll be good :)

if i survive i may post about my current obsession, skins, later...............

wish me luck.... :)
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what a fantastic episode Naomi's was! unfortunately i can't be very coherent about it. but like i said i'm glad she didn't sleep with Cook, i think it would have been too unrealistic if she had, not everyone has to sleep with cook and he still annoys me even though there was a spark of humanity in him in this ep, i'm sure that won't last!! i should have written this yesterday when i probably could have put something good.......

JJ's ep looks good, out of all the boys i like JJ the most, i think he's meant to have asperger's syndrome, not that i necessarily know what that means for him, but i think it could be interesting. and it will be good to see him stand up to cook and freddie who seem to treat him a bit like a doormat, maybe not so much freddie though. and i like that all the music is going to be piano music, that will also be interesting.

amazingly the women at the jobcentre didn't leave me waiting 20 minutes like the last 2 times but this time she answered her phone in the middle of me asking her something, i have never had to deal with such a useless bunch of people in my life, and i've had to deal with the public for 10 years!!! she is absolutely useless and it's a bit of a slap in the face when you're looking for a job and the person who is meant to be helping you is so fucking useless at theirs!

and another useless piece of information is that i saw a heron being chased by a crow this morning!!!??? that's not something you see every day!!

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demons ep 4:
has to be the best one so far, but it was still full of plot holes, very big obvious plot holes, i mean really the writing on this show is terrible, it's a good concept with bad exicution. but hell, Mina actually got to do something so i'm happy with that!gotta say for a blind women she gets around awfully well with no help! maybe being a vampire hightens your other senses as well as giving you visions when you touch stuff?!! but she's the only reason i'm watching, I have a small fasination with the Mina Harker character, ever since the league of extraordinary gentlemen film (peta wilson!!), although i haven't yet managed to finish reading dracula, it's really quite boring, i have even downloaded the audio version and i still haven't gotten past where i've read up too!!! and the fact that mina in demons is played by zoe tapper doesn't hurt at all!! i think she's the only one who actually seems to be acting in the show, mina actually has a personality!!
it's made (i believe) by the same people who did hex, which may explain why so far there have been 3 people from hex in it, zoe tapper, the women who played the crazy fairy and the girl who played ella, if only they would get jemima rooper or christina cole!!! and they were vampires, and them and mina used to hang around and kill people...........

skins 301:
i enjoyed it, looks like there might be some good stuff between emily and naomi, so i'll stay tuned for that. personelly i think it was emily who tried to kiss naomi in middle school and made out it was the other way round, especially after the 'people tell lies about me' then staring right at emily! come on!!, they spend most of the episode staring at each other too. i have a feeling cook might start to piss me off, but we'll wait and see!

battlestar 412:
i've never really liked gaeta, i thought him singing when his stump hurt was it, but now..! good lord shut up! i REALLY want starbuck to frak him up, i really do, take out his other leg then just beat on him for a while, that'd be good. the graphics with his leg are good though, i thought they might just do it last week so we all know he has that false leg, but the keep showing it which shows you just how superior battlestar is!!

hollyoaks: come on bring on sarah and zoe, i need my fix

and what the hell is up with youtube? i keep getting notices saying that a video can't be viewed in my country??? what the fuck?!! i get enough of that from american tv websites, so i think 'oh i'll look on youtube for it', but no they have decided to start that shit too!! yet another site that gets too popular and ends up being ruined, just like ebay, you could get some real bargains on there and sell most stuff, now it's full of 'shops' and people doing buy it nows that are extortionate, they really do shot themselves in the foot sometimes.

that is all!

more telly )


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