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gif reaction challenge for womenverse
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So i was sitting up on the roof yesterday, minding my own business and i heard this thud. it made me jump a little, so i looked around and guess who was standing there???!!?!

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Sep. 4th, 2013 10:29 pm
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Very pleased that Molly Hayes has grown up well in all new x-men #16, tall, tough and with an awesome outfit including goggles!! and now an

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disapointed that The Question is now a man again!

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My entry for the Big Bang challenge at womenverse

My theme is:

The Fight/Fighter

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3 picspams
1 video

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This post is for challenge 12 at Womenverse. Based on the prompt Summer Vacation I have made 1 gif and a fic!

Title: Charlie’s Postcards
Author: [ profile] majorrogue
Character(s): Charlie Matheson (Revolution)
Word Count: 409
Rating: U
Spoilers: None
Summary: Charlie reminisces about her postcards

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I remember asking my father when I was a child what these postcards were for. They were always so fascinating to me, beautiful pictures of beaches like I had never seen, mountains that I didn’t know were possible and cities that I had never heard of.

He explained to me that they were souvenirs that people would buy and send to their friends and loved ones when they went away on vacation. I remember staring at a postcard of a beach it looked like paradise to me, so clean, so sunny, and then asking him what a vacation was.

It seemed strange to me even then, a few years after the black out, that people would be able to leave their normal lives for a week or even more and go to another city or another country. They didn’t have to worry about their crops not getting watered or that someone would steal them, they could just forget about that and have a good time elsewhere. 

I found it amazing and quite fantastic that people would get into planes and fly through the sky and land hundreds of miles away. He said that a lot of the time people had never been to where they were going before, they would just go to a different country to experience what it was like, I’ve never even left the Munroe Republic let alone stepped foot in a different country. I asked Maggie once about England, where she came from, but she would never talk about it, I later realised it bought up too many painful memories of her children that she may never see again. 

Finding a new postcard was a thrill for me, especially if it was a place I had never seen before and let’s face it that was most of them. I was always fascinated by the ones that were of a city at night; all lit up so that it seemed to glow. I can hardly remember what it was like to have the house all lit up at night, not having to carry a candle around and having to stop reading when the sun went down so that we didn’t strain our eyes.

Imagine a whole city glowing with light, no one having to worry that they had to get home before it got too dark. 

Those postcards were my fantasy, places I wanted to go, cities I wanted to see, but never being able to.

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1 - best easter egg i got (from a guy at work!)


2 - new catwoman picture :D She shouldn't have a gun though! (hopefully not spoilery!)
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DAY 1: Your OTP and Why



I’m sure this wasn’t a shock to anyone! Brittany and Santana are indeed my One True Pair!!

I don’t know how people can’t ship them! It wasn’t even planned or scripted, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera’s friendship and chemistry made the background interactions of the two of them a main story line.

I think they are a great couple, maybe a little of that is because I read a lot of fanfiction, but they seem to complement each other! Brittany is fun, bubbly, silly, happy and Santana is harsh, mean, abrupt and a little more self-conscious than she’d like you to think, I think Brittany cheers Santana up and helps her chill out and have a laugh and Santana protects Brittany.
It doesn’t hurt that Heather Morris and Naya Rivera are both smokin’ hot!

A list of all the days is Here

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Good god my flist is dead!! Where is everyone? Tumblr?? (spoiler capital of the internet!) And of course now gleeverse is dead I don't get any challenges or people entries to the challenges! :(

Well am not going to get into the whole gleeverse thing, instead am going to tell you what I've watched the last couple of weeks!!
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the next chapter of my genie brittana fic is driving me nuts!! I know what i want to do but i'll be damned if i can figure out how to write it!!


glee,glee gif,gif,brittany,santana

Also it's talk like a pirate day today!! lol!!
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Title: That’s Gross/That’s Cool
Author: [ profile] majorrogue
Pairing,Character(s): Brittany, Rachel, Puck, Santana
Rating: PG – OK for all
Word Count: 301
Spoilers: None
Summary: Rachel admires Brittany’s new scarf
Author's Note: Written for Challenge 8 at [ profile] gleeverse, basically pick a Gif from those given and write a short fic! Gif is at the bottom

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A Pretty Pretty Picspam as an early Birthday present for [ profile] hyena_gal!! :D (i hadn't forgotten!! :D ) hope everyone enjoys! :D

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Here are my entries for Challenge 20 'Brittany's Bingo Bonanza' for [ profile] gleeverse

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I was thinking of making another morgana + Morgause picspam, and had started getting the caps, and then [ profile] merlin_land put up the picspam challenge so i'm doing a picspma from season 3 episode 1

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Love Love Love episode 2 of Glee

Brittany is my favorite character in Glee, just incase you couldn't figure that out by this post!!!

This reaction cracked me up!!
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Here is my second Merlin Picspam for [ profile] merlin_land and suprise suprise it's of Morgana and Morgause :D

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so, i was a bit bored yesterday and went mad in photoshop and here are the results:

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..... so, i've figured out how to do GIF's, kinda!!

so here we have:

Morgana checkin out Gwen!

Mina in Demons

and because i think she's one of the coolest/prettiest aliens i've seen in a while, Mary from torchwood

yes, i am pleased with myself, although i'm sure they aren't as good as some people can do, i'm pretty chuffed!! :D


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