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For Challenge 3 at Womenverse we were asked to make mood boards for up to 4 characters.

I have chosen:
Catwoman, Charlie Matheson, Gail Peck and Morgana )
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My entry for the Big Bang challenge at womenverse

My theme is:

The Fight/Fighter

10 sigtags
2 gifs
3 picspams
1 video

featuring: Charlie Matheson, Morgana, Judge Anderson, Irisa, Betty McRae, Sweet Pea and a few more! )
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This challenge is to post graphics of the youngest and oldest canon versions of your favourite female character.

Here are mine

under the cut yo! )
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Number 2 - Morgana

Morgana (katie McGrath) is a beautiful woman, in real life too, and I like looking at her and I like looking at her when she is Morgana! From the beginning she was my favorite character and knowing that eventually she would go bad just made it even better and now that she IS Bad I absolutley love her!!


More pretty )
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Welcome to my yearly 'Happy Birthday Me' post, which is basicly full of pretty pretty things!! :D


Prepare for Pretty )
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A Pretty Pretty Picspam as an early Birthday present for [ profile] hyena_gal!! :D (i hadn't forgotten!! :D ) hope everyone enjoys! :D

Prepare yourself...... )
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I found this very hard to decide!! so as time ran out I picked this lovely scene!

30 Days of Merlin
Day 1 - Favourite Female character
Day 2 - Favourite Male character
Day 3 - Favourite Episode
Day 4 - Favourite Scene

30 days )
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30 Days of Merlin
Day 1 - Favourite Female character
Day 2 - Favourite Male character
Day 3 - Favourite Episode

30 Days )
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No one saw this one coming!! :D

30 Days of Merlin
Day 1 - Favourite Female character
Day 2 - Favourite Male character
Day 3 - Favourite Episode
Day 4 - Favourite Scene
Day 5 - Favourite Quote
Day 6 - Favourite Knight
Day 7 - Favourite Villain
Day 8 - Favourite Merlin moment
Day 9 - Favourite Arthur moment
Day 10 - Favourite Gwen moment
Day 11 - Favourite Morgana moment
Day 12 - Favourite Gaius moment
Day 13 - Favourite Uther moment
Day 14 - Favourite guest star
Day 15 - Favourite Great Dragon moment/line
Day 16 - Favourite Spell
Day 17 - Favourite Ship
Day 18 - Prettiest Scene
Day 19 - Favourite Friendship
Day 20 - Favourite Gag
Day 21 - A scene that made you gasp
Day 22 - A scene that made you happy
Day 23 - A scene that made you cry
Day 24 - A scene that made you angry
Day 25 - Something that happened that you wish didn’t
Day 26 - Something that didn’t happen that you wish did
Day 27 - What’s your overall opinion was of Season One
Day 28 - What’s your overall opinion was of Season Two
Day 29 - What’s your overall opinion was of Season Three
Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy
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I was thinking of making another morgana + Morgause picspam, and had started getting the caps, and then [ profile] merlin_land put up the picspam challenge so i'm doing a picspma from season 3 episode 1

Click Here For The Evil Pretty!! )

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Title: A hero came along

Author: [ profile] majorrogue

Pairing,Character(s): Morgana, gwen, merlin, Arthur, Major!

Rating: okay for all, i think

Spoilers: none

Summary: someone saves the day! Not who you think though

Authur's Note: i wrote this in a real hurry for [ profile] merlin_land so there are loads of mistakes (which i will correct in time). I also wrote it kinda tongue in cheek, as the challenge was about mary sues and gary sues!

Read more, if you dare!!! )

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I'm so excited!!! and i've already seen it!! :D
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Okay, let's see if this works a day later!

Hopefully we have here 2 video's I took at the Q+A (and hopefully they were worth the wait and the effort!!)
OMFG! it worked!!!! )

BFI Merlin

Sep. 5th, 2010 04:21 pm
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Im now on my way home from the BFI Merlin screening!! And it was AWESOME!!

Spoilers!? )

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Here is my second picspam for [ profile] merlin_land It is in no way original, but points are points!!
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merlin land,magic!eyes,picspam

Magic!eyes picspam. My first of 2 for [ profile] merlin_land

Eye Eye )
Eye Eye )
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Merlin Picspam #2 for [ profile] merlin_land this one though i've kinda just thrown together as the challenge finishes at 8:00 tonight!!

The Pretty!! )
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It's the Picspam challenge over at [ profile] merlin_land and so here is the first of my 2 Merlin picspams:

cloak porn

(okay it says seaon 1 but really it's only half of season 1!!!)

Cloak Porn (very <s>porn</s> image heavy!) )
Cloak Porn (very <s>porn</s> image heavy!) )
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i just got back from the London Expo and had a pretty good day!! :D

i 'm too tired at the minute to do a big post but if you havent read it elsewhere...

Merlin season 3 spoiler )
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Over at [ profile] merlin_land one of the challenges is to create a fanmix, so here is mine. i've never done a fanmix before so it probably isnt any good but points are points!!!

there is no download but there are links to the songs on youtube :D

A Morgana & Morgause Fanmix (you guessed that right!) GO TEAM MORGANA!! )


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