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My entry for challenge 8 - Disability Fest for womenverse. I have chosen the awesome Barbara Gordon from Birds Of Prey as played by Dina Meyer in the TV show


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on facebook there is a thing called socialliving or something and you give your top 5 whatevers, so here are my

TOP 5 LIVE-ACTION COMIC HEROES (as always no in any particular order!!):

Batman -
i dont mind any live action batman, i'm happy with all of 'em even adam west and george clooney!! (well as long as he isn't talking!!) i just love seeing batman in the flesh kicking arse and looking fucking awesome in a cape!!

yes it's a weird 'got milk' advert but i still love it!!! :)

Catwoman -
now here i dont like all the live action catwomans, well actually i just dont really like halle berry's (it was okay as a film but it aint no catwoman film!!!) i was kinda pissed when i saw the outfit for that film!! what were they thinking??! but anyway catwoman rules, especially when your a pre-teen watching batman returns at the cinema!! i think ive seen batman returns more times than is actually healthy!! what can i say high scholl was not the best place in the world, actually saying that it was pretty cool coz the first time i saw and bought a catwoman comic was in a newsagents on the way home from high school, so that made me even more popular with my friends!! anyway....CATWOMAN

Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara Gordon -
i think dina meyer was a great choice to play babs, you could imagine (and see) her kicking arse as batgirl and she was fab as oracle, birds of prey the show was a bit of a disappointment as a fan of the comic, but to see them as live action peeps was awesome!! well barbara anyway! if they did any other stuff with her in i'd be more than happy if they cast dina again!!

Wolverine -
oh he's so lovely isn't he, hugh jackman that is!! and i think he plays him so well. he can be gruff and angry but also kind! and not only gruff but buff too!! hahaha i just think he's great and in the future i think it will be like christoper reeve, where people only think of him and it will be hard to replace him!!

Gambit -
now i know he wasn't in wolverine all that much but i think he was the highlight of the film for me! i've had a fangirl crush on him since the 90's cartoon!! he has a pretty cool power, a cool accent and he loves rogue! what's not to like? and the live action version is rather pretty!! :D

and can i just say: HOLY SHIT!! more semi naked gambit please!!!

edit: i'll put this under a cut when i'm at home coz i cant remember the code thing for it!!!

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