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Here is Merlin picspam number 1 of 2.
It is part of the picspam challenge at [ profile] merlin_land

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As you may all know I have been buying Merlin stickers instead of drink and drugs to aid my depression and I have done pretty well, in fact I only need a couple more to complete the set!!!

So I was wondering if anyone wanted to do some swapping? (oh! It’s just like being a child in the playground again!! :D :P)

Here are the Merlin stickers I need:
1, 14, 32, 50, 56, 93, 102, 116, 122, 124, 133, 138, 142, 191
I have now completed my collection! yay!

And these are the Merlin stickers I have doubles (or more) of:
6, 7, 8(x2), 9(x2), 10, 15(x2), 17(x4), 18, 20, 23, 25, 27(x2), 29(x2), 30, 31(x2),33(x3), 38, 40, 42, 43(x3), 49(x2), 51(x2), 52(x4), 54, 55(x2), 58, 60, 62(x2), 67, 71(x2), 72(x2), 73, 74(x2), 76, 77, 81, 83(x3), 89, 90, 94, 99, 100(x3), 101(x2), 104(x2), 106, 107, 108(x2), 109, 110(x2), 112, 113, 115, 120(x3), 121, 126(x2), 127(x2), 128, 129, 130, 131(x2), 132, 134(x2), 135, 136(x2), 137(x2), 139, 140, 141, 143, 144, 145,146, 148, 151, 152(x2), 155, 156(x2), 157, 158, 159(x2), 160, 161, 163(x2), 164(x2), 165(x2), 169, 171(x2), 172(x2), 173(x3), 177, 179(x2), 181(x4), 183, 186(x2), 187(x3), 190(x2)
C2(x2), C3(x3), C4, C5(x2), C6, C8, C9(x2),

So, I’m not entirely sure how to do this, whether people (if anyone’s interested!) want to message me their address and I’ll do the same and we just send them or if people want, I can put the ones you want on eBay (as it's a free day on sunday 15th Nov!!) and you just send swaps as payment? that's also a bit 'safer' i suppose! Not sure so any suggestions are good!

But I think first come first served might be best, so let me know what you have and what you want!!

Also, if anyone wants ones I have but doesn’t have the ones I want, I will take morgana stickers as swaps!! Also also, at the end if I still have loads left, I might be willing to just send ones of characters you want, but this will only be at the end!!

(Note: there may be mistakes in the numbers above, I don’t think there are but there may be, just so you are aware. And I do know that you can get individual stickers from the company, but I thought this might be a way of getting rid of stickers I don’t need/want and could help out other people!! :) )

(EDIT: i'm going to strike out numbers people have asked for, so keep an eye out!! also i'm going to underline the ones on my wants list that others are sending me, but if you have one thats underlined still comment!)

Jan '10 EDIT: Instead of striking out, im going to just delete the ones im sending people, it's easier, so if the numbers up there i should have it! Now that i have completed my collection i'll swap with morgana, morgana related or mordred stickers. dont worry if you dont have any you can still comment/ask for swaps!

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Family fic

Sep. 10th, 2009 04:02 pm
majorrogue: (morgana - glove porn)
Author: [ profile] majorrogue
Pairing/Characters: Morgana, Nimueh, arthur/gwen
Summary: Morgana is plagued by dreams that may or may not be true
Authors note: I started this fic in June, but after seeing the new pics for episode 203, i thought i'd finish it. Be kind i've only written a few fics before and i'm not that good at it!!

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majorrogue: (morgana - glove porn)
Title: i have no idea!!
Authur [ profile] majorrogue
Pairing: Morgana/gwen -ish!
Summary: Morgana can't take any more!!
Authurs Note: This is yet another fic by me (i don't know what's come over me!!) and again it is/was for the gwen/morgana thingathon and for the prompt 'sweet food' by [ profile] merihn although i haven't posted it there yet!! It may not be great but.... there ya go!!

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Aug. 15th, 2009 01:45 pm
majorrogue: (morgana - merlin)
Title: Marriage
Author: [ profile] majorrogue
Pairing/Characters: Morgana/Gwen
Description: Arthur and Guinevere are to be married and Morgana doesn't know what to do
Authors note: this was written for the prompt 'Marriage' posted by [ profile] merelyn on Gwen/Morgana thingathon week 2. I seem to be on a bit of a roll!!!

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Title: Kick-ass
Author: [ profile] majorrogue
Description: Don't mess with her girl!
Authors note: This was written for the prompt kick-ass posted by [ profile] cherrybina at The gwen/Morgana thingaton week two. Also this is only my second fic and i have been watching true blood! be kind!

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so i was looking around and found some behind the scenes pics and it made me remeber about what i was hoping about season 2 of merlin.

there is this pic of Gwn all dressed up and looking rather lovely and a bit royal:

and i was thinking it would be cool if this was some kind of flash-forward or maybe a premonition of morgana's! i mean i think she looks really nice and, like i said, royal, if they do go down the traditional story route then i think she'll be able to pull off royalty really well!!

also, this pic was around and i thought, am i the only one who would rather see katie/morgana walking around in the shoes that are in that bag she's carrying (which appear to have laces to match her dress!!) rather than the ones she's got on? or do i really have too much time on my hands when i'm at work???!!!

i also wanted an excuse to use my new icon :D
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Title: If you go down to the woods
Author: majorrogue
Characters: Morgana, Gwen and special guest!
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own any of merlin, unfortunately
A/N or Summary: yes, i caved and wrote it, we can't let Ms. Mcgrath down now can we!!! also this is my first fic so be kind!! :D

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so, i'm 80% sure i'm not going to go to this expo thing and it pisses me off!! but looking on the website it looks stupid anyway, they say that tickets for the talk are given out at 10.00am but the doors for normal people open at 11.00 and all the earlybird tickets (9.00am) are gone unless you line up on the day, so basicly i have no hope of getting a ticket and you can only get autographs if you've seen the talk so..... poop :( but i'd rather know that now than on the day and have wasted time and money!! especially if i can be bored stiff at work and get paid a ton for it!!!

but to cheer me up a bit, here's a pic of katie looking like i feel!!! :D (but remaining pretty while doing so!!)

>><<<>>>>> $$!!%^&(££$%&*%^£"!>>>><<<<<
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see, now i'm sitting at work thinking that i could take next saturday off to go and see the lovely merlin ladies at the london expo......... but i'm a grown up and can decide whether it's right to take a day off work to go and stare at katie mcgrath!!!! i mean if all the early tickets are gone i might not be able to get tickets for the talk....... and would i turn into a jibbering wreck if i queue for autographs.......... but the opportunity....... it might never come again..... she's too cool to go to others really isn't she ......... damn it woman make a decision..........

and talking of katie mcgrath, on those commentaries where she said about the druids and saying they should have gone to the local druids and ask them to bring their own robes!! that made me laugh......... but anyway......



Apr. 4th, 2009 01:28 pm
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Merlin 110:
This is a good ep, because it ticks many boxes:

Hot chicks. Tick

Hot chicks with swords. Tick

Hot chicks with swords being fierce. Tick

Hot chicks with swords saving guys, remaining fierce whilst doing so. Tick!

Also bonus points for star trek actor (dr. Bashir!!!)

And bonus points for skins actor (chris!)

But minus points for bad wardrobe! (i know, it’s strange but i don’t like this outfit!!)

But more bonus points for the morgana/gwen

And for protective morgana

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– so they did sleep together, Emily and JJ that is, but it wasn’t shown so i can imagine either it didn’t happen or that Emily hated it and it showed!!
- I really liked the bit with jj and Emily at the beginning at the ‘psycho’ centre, ‘i like tits and fanny, y’know’ hilarious
- Effy is a bitch and so is cooke
- I found it a bit strange that Emily would leave the woods without finding Katie, i wouldn’t do that with my brother and we aren’t twins either!! And also if someone i knew hit my bro with a rock and left him all night in the woods i would say more than ‘he could have died’ i’d probably have decked effy!!!
- Hehehe 'wriggling' in the tent huh girls??
- Okay so in ep 9, i reckon Katie won’t leave the house for her exam, so Emily pretends to be her and takes the test, then Naomi snogs her against the locker (I love the fact that it looks like Naomi knows that it’s Emily and not Katie, and that’s why she has that little cheeky grin, of course I’ve only seen that tiny clip so i have no idea if Naomi and Emily have talked and that’s why she knows it’s not Katie), they go back to naomi’s then you have the clip where they seem to be nakey in bed (with smudged lippy, too!!) and Naomi says no to going to the ball ‘like they are together’ and Emily leaves and then you get the clip with Emily at the bus stop with lovely Thomas, then you get the clip with Katie and Emily. That what i think from the clips i’ve seen. But i do wonder what goes down so that Katie attacks Naomi at the ball, also i’m expecting Katie to redeem herself a bit especially after in interviews they say that you see she is nice really and cares for Emily. Maybe she’s just ‘homophobic’ because she doesn’t want Emily to have to put up with loads of shit at college and stuff??!!!
- RONNIE ANCONNA IS THE TWINS’ MUM!!!!! I don’t know why this excites me so much!!!! I wonder if they’ll have a dad? Coz i think only 2 of them seem to have dad’s (Freddie and effy but effy’s kinda left)

– don’t like topher at all, he just seems really slimy, especially after he has wiped their brains, he’s just slimy. I hope it gets a bit more action packed or just more interesting, otherwise i may give up.

– i looked up the ages of the cast of Merlin, which I don’t normally do because normally it’s 25 year olds playing 16 and that screws with my head once i know that, but all the people in Merlin are in their 20’s and I’ve always thought that the characters weren’t teens (it’s never been said either way has it?) so I’m glad that my crush on Katie McGrath isn’t pervy  well, too pervy anyway!!

– i kinda like Lydia, she seems nice and a cool character. There is a behind the scenes video on C4 website where her and Sarah are doing the tango!! Looks like someone’s been watching ‘Frida’!! hehe that’ll be cool though, that Sarah would rather dance with Lydia than Archie, but then Archie is a bit of a moron.

i'm just watching french and saunders (and joanna lumley) doing mama mia! for comic relief who would have thought jenifer saunders would make such a great meryl streep??!! you have to watch it when it's on youtube!! tooooooo funny :)

And you know you’ve been on the internet and watching too much tv when all the music you hear on the radio reminds you of tv shows and girls making out on tv!!!!
Kids by MGMT – skins Emily/Naomi
On a day like this by Elbow – hollyoaks Sarah/Zoë
The fear by Lilly Allen – skins Emily/Naomi
use somebody by kings of leon -


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